Update: Pole Dance Video / Yellow Line Pictures

Check out this video we found by Yellow Line Pictures and the 2010 MoMA/MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program.  We’ve been documenting SO-IL’s  Pole Dance quite extensively and we feel that this video is a good addition to our coverage.  We hope the film’s fun take on demonstrating how to use the project will make you even more excited to visit the PS1 schoolyard if you find yourself in the New York area.   What do you think of the noise making poles?  And, how about the fact that the project can be affected by an iPhone app ?

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Update: Pole Dance Video / Yellow Line Pictures" 08 Jul 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=67849>
  • jg

    Isnt it odd that they need to over explain and create all this gimmicky charades with retro flight attendants and pink cladded ballerinas?
    They should have spend more time designing the project because is its, after all, very boring and just plain uninventive.

    All these videos and additive things is what happens when we try to bring substance to somenthing that is clearly lacking it.


    • Munich

      I fully agree with your comment

  • tp

    I second jg’s comments. Furthermore, Brooklyn trustfunder hipsters are wankers so they should have no issues knowing how to work the poles.

  • cp

    OMG..What a arrogant and lame criticism.
    jg, just say that the shape, color, and the whole interactive idea is not “your preference”. It seems like the focus for this project was not only on form, shape that you might only like. I think that the video is very useful in getting some ideas how to play with the installation. And it also implies that more games and rules can be constantly invented by the visitors. Just try to escape from your academic den, loosen up and enjoy..

    • jg

      you are so right! the shape and color of the flight attendant is not my thing

      i think that surrendering all agency as far as rules of the “game” (which lets face it..this is not a game because there is no outcome and plausible rules to start with) is a serious design cop-out and just plain lazy. If you do not set parameters and possible future outcomes what you will get is people trying to move a stick like crazy animals and nothing more.
      But if this are your aims for interactive installations we could only respect your conservatism and lack of invention/imagination.

      I think they are only trying to create cool little effects and one lines that do not fit toguether at the end. From the cheesy ballerinas video to this one and for the lack of substance, from actual physicality because there is not much there for the budget they received to the most important thing is a NY summer pavillion in the middle of a concrete and gravel court….. SHADE.

      still lame, peace.

  • arch


    im so_sorry this ps1 entry is so_bad

  • Pratt


    Not good.

  • pz

    So uninspiring. Not whimsical at all; It doesn’t even make space or really redefine the schoolyard in any way shape or form. This is a shame… these entries have been exemplarily in the past.

  • EG

    Sadly, it has been all downhill after SHOP’s project for the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program.

  • MoneyKup

    The film reminds me of “Dances With Wolves” meets “Easy Rider” meets “Soul Plane.”

    The project reminds me of “3 Men & a Baby.”

  • ArchNightly

    This project is groundbreaking!
    From a sculptor’s point of view, this is an architectural design that gets at relational aesthetics. As architects, I imagine it is frustrating to evaluate the design because this is not a discourse architects are familiar with. I would recommend reading some of Nicolas Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics followed by some of Kenneth Frampton’s ruminations on tectonics. What SO-IL has achieved with Pole Dancing is Relational-Tectonics!!!! Fantastic!!! I hope architects recognize this new paradigm!!
    (“Relational-Tectonics” identified first on July 8th 2010, 7:02pm EST)

    • bw

      ArchNightly: surely a 1″ x 4″ text box is not enough to contain your ego?

  • http://fairdkun.multiply.com slothglut

    i really do think it’s very nice. am apologizing for my lack of cynicism over here. but am seeing great possibilities in the basic thinking of this work, + it’s really nice that p.s 1 is supporting their decisions fully like this, despite what some says…

  • br

    90k for plastic poles, netting and beach balls? The MOMA got robbed by SO-IL!

  • threads

    haha, poles.

  • By George

    I agree with the majority of the comments here- there is nothing interesting about this project. It fails as an actual experience (it doesn’t function, it doesn’t sway or move much, it doesn’t make much sound, it doesn’t provide shade, it doesn’t provide enough cool water.) Nor does it work it a disciplinary provocation about architecture. It’s trying to be pleasant, fun and entertaining but it can’t even do that because everyone has to work too hard to enjoy the effects. Hope next year is better.