Niels Bohr Science Park for University of Copenhagen / Christensen & Co + Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects

© Niels Bohr Science Park Winning Team

Placing ahead of four other proposals, Christensen & Co + Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects were awarded first prize for their design of the Niels Bohr Science Park for the University of Copenhagen.  The project, a collaborative effort with  Ramboll DK + UK + SE, GHB Landscape Architects and Collin Gordon Associates, includes 45,000 m2 of laboratory and teaching facilities to house math, computer science, chemical and physical disciplines.  The building is a functional entity with dynamic student circulation among light filled spaces with access to large greens.

More about the winning proposal and more images after the break.

Site Plan © Niels Bohr Science Park Winning Team

The project was conceived as a volume sliced by the road Jagtvej, which cuts through the northern part of Copenhagen.   To respond to this divided ground condition, the building is connected with skywalks, “an interesting solution to the problem of crossing the road,” explained the jury. To address crossing the Jagtvj, the team designed a public connection where students travel between two large green spaces.

© Niels Bohr Science Park Winning Team

Although ‘Stage 1′, the 30,000 m2 building to the east of Jagtvej which will be finished in 2014, and ‘Stage 2′ , the 15,000 m2 building to the west which will be completed in 2015, are physically separate entities, they were conceived from the same volume.  This strategy allows the building to read as a whole, momentarily interrupted by the road.

© Niels Bohr Science Park Winning Team

The building is clad in a uniform treatment – a geometric panel that creates a textured effect.  ”The facade uniqueness defines an entire special identity for the total building construction.While retaining the image of that in the case of one building complex, interconnected across Jagtvej,” explained the jury.

© Niels Bohr Science Park Winning Team

“The building’s disposition is designed so it contributes to the understanding of the building’s internal flow while offering a special design experience with a varied and distinguished shaped room with long balcony along binding scenario with daylight filtered through the green vertical atriums. This is a unique multidisciplinary composition with intense interactive look both internally across as out of the building,” explained the jury.

© Niels Bohr Science Park Winning Team
© Niels Bohr Science Park Winning Team

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Niels Bohr Science Park for University of Copenhagen / Christensen & Co + Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects" 05 Jul 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 01 Sep 2014. <>


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    ya the renderings are nice. not sure about the building itself though. but the renderings are really nice.

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    thats why they won(IMO)…there’s nothing special with this project…fancy renderings for a boring space!i could say more but I think you get the point:)

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    Great facads, looks really nice, I’m working on my graduation project “Science and technolgy park” in Abu Dhabi, and I’m lloking for case studies with plans, sections …etc, any idea guys ??
    I’d really appreciate it

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    this projects is nothing but a few boxes trying to make digital art instead of real architecture.

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    I think some of you are being overly critical.
    Sure, the renderings are appealing, but I think the project has some merit / depth to it too.
    A simple, straightforward design with some inviting and engaging spaces for what is usually a very stale building typology (public university research building).
    Will this building be remembered in 300 years time? No, probably not. But I’d be willing to bet that it’ll be a highly functional and enjoyable place for the students and instructors of Uni Copenhagen. Sometimes, that’s enough.

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    I did the interior renders:

    And I disagree that this building is nothing special. I had the 3D model and no mather where I placed the cameras the shost was interesting in some way. It’s very rare that a have the pleasure to work with a project on a tight budget, that is this special.

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