House in Somoboo / Eduardo Fdez.-Abascal Teira + Florentina Muruzábal Sitges

© Gabriel Fdez.-Abascal / Guillermo Fdez.-Abascal

Architects: Eduardo Fdez.-Abascal Teira and Florentina Muruzábal Sitges
Location: Somoboo, Ribamontan Al mar,
Collaborators: Manuel Díaz Pardo, Eduardo Ezquerra Muñoz, David Ceballos
Project Area: 690 m²
Promotor: FF/ MJG
Constructor: Construcciones Sendalbo
Structures: Miguel Terán
Year: December 2004- 2008
Photographs: Gabriel Fdez.-Abascal, Guillermo Fdez.-Abascal

The house is located in a housing estate, which lies on the other side of the Santander bay. It lies on a hillside which looks upon “Cubas” estuary. One enters the plot from a road which runs along the lower limit of the plot, parallel to the contour lines of the slope. It coincides with the good orientation and the sights.

© Gabriel Fdez.-Abascal / Guillermo Fdez.-Abascal

Whereas some designs have a complex development with drawings of different alternatives, this one happened in a very natural way, after the first visit to the place with the owner, during a late summer sunset.

First sketches insist on how to land the house on the plot so as to enjoy the beautiful sights to the south, with the estuary in the first term and the mountains in the distance, and also, on how to achieve a well orientated garden.

© Gabriel Fdez.-Abascal / Guillermo Fdez.-Abascal

The organization of the house results from these conditions and the adoption of the known L-shape floorplan. Day areas and night areas were assigned to each wing, with the peculiarity of arranging each wing at a different height which allows for a better adjustment to the slope.The topography makes it possible for both volumes to have a half-buried floor for complementary uses with openings to the south which look either directly or across an English courtyard. This solution obtains a large surface, which the owners demanded, with a reduced impact.

© Gabriel Fdez.-Abascal / Guillermo Fdez.-Abascal

The relationship between the overlapping volumes and their contact with the ground define the shape of the house. The projectings of both pieces increase the plasticity. The elevations translate the interior organization considering the orientation, the sights and the constructive systems.

The interior spaces enjoy the light and the natural environment. The cantilever roofs project proudly, stretching the limits of the house and transforming the landscape into new open rooms for the house.

© Gabriel Fdez.-Abascal / Guillermo Fdez.-Abascal

The choice of the materials for the exterior, treated concretes, aluminium coating, oak lattices, and glass help to materialize the proposal, emphasizing the lightness of the upper volume, which seems to be floating. The interiors are solved by conventional materials, white limestone, oak and rubber pavements…

The elegant choice of the furniture, with diverse pieces of Ch. Perriand, J. Prouvé, S. Mouille … and the plastic works of Or. Elliasson, S. Lewitt, Y.Nara and J. Uslé, help to characterize the house and facilitate a comfortable life.

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