Pantone Hotel / Michel Penneman + Oliver Hannaert

Pantone Inc’s claim to fame began 45 years ago with its revolutionary color matching system that allowed designers to reproduce accurate color anywhere in the world.   Currently, the company is branching out and moving into lifestyle- oriented industries using the same color numbering system to guarantee an exactness of hue.  As the company began expanding, Pantone decided to construct a hotel as part of the new “Pantone Universe” campaign.  Designed by Michel Penneman and , the hotel fully embodies the company, as “the hotel of colors… showcases the color of emotion with a distinctive hue on each colorous guest floor.”

More about the design of the hotel after the break.

The hotel is designed based on contrast and uses a white background, like a blank canvas, for specific colors to pop.  The rooms are complimented by Victor Levy paintings which tie the colors together.

Each level of the seven floors offers a different color palette.  The color schemes range from “earth, rich” to “cheerful, warm” and “fresh, eager.”

images collages from design:related

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Pantone Hotel / Michel Penneman + Oliver Hannaert" 22 May 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 20 Sep 2014. <>


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    very unsophisticated color play for a hotel that professes to be the epitome of color sophistication.
    these guys haven’t gotten beyond thinking of color as object, architects make this mistake all the time.

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      What kind of sophisticated color play would you have mastered?

      Are you sure that ‘these guys haven’t gotten beyond thinking of color as object’? I think you just think that makes you sound intelligent. This use of color suits ‘the pantone hotel experience’ really well.

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    Commercial packaging colors in action. It works, but fails to impress. Whatever happened to character? Designers and architects fail to understand that most people feel more comfortable within less complex color applications, preferring a relationship of their personal color a given environment.

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    Yes, they should by now how attained Level 10; colour as an abstract notion, not manifest in reality, and only to be represented linearly via light/shade distortions projected against flat white surfaces, produced by intrinsic, purpose-manufactured artefact irregularities in clear glass. Mass/space interplay to be paramount.

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    It’s wonderful to see color in action even if it smacks of commercial packaging, devoid of character. Most people feel more comfortable with less complex color applications, perferring a relationship of their personal color pallette in a given environment. A hotel should have a sensation of a home away from home rather than a box on a shelf in a local grocery store.

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      This building really does have character, I think you mistake character for material richness. Of course it ‘smacks of commercial packaging’, that’s the point.

      Who are you to say what most people feel more comfortable with? And why ‘should’ a hotel have a sensation of home away from home?

      Academics in a subjective creative industry, funny.

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      Good work AD, let’s not have a discussion, let’s just all leave derogatory posts about good designs, because we haven’t got anything built and we’re bitter because we think those that have are less deserving.

      If anyones posts should be deleted, it should be those who constantly claim that ‘people prefer this’ and ‘buildings should be that’.

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    Remember – that the packaging industry drives Color Marketing – The Pantone Hotel is a great start for Pantone to get to the consumer and have packaged this hotel in a colorful way. There’s plenty of color for all to enjoy – I spent the day there interviewign the Desinger, Photographer and Hotel Manager. They work well as a team and know how to promote color in a good way.

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