Gary Chang: Life in 32 sqm

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Architect ’s apartment is located in downtown , and represents a remarkable example of interior refurbishment. With only 32 sqm, Chang studied the different distribution possibilities to optimize his space.

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Chang has been living in this apartment since he was 14 years old. After his parents move out, he tried a series of modifications:




After years of studying his apartment, Chang has finally achieved through moving walls and different systems, a 32 sqm apartment with 24 different designs.

Sequence Possibilities
Window / Movie Screen
Moving Wall

Working Table / Dining Table

Moving Wall

Sofa / Bed

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Gary Chang: Life in 32 sqm" 13 May 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Sep 2014. <>


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    very nice, smart, but a bit ‘too much’ (or too less). anyway, beautiful, warm design

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    Whoa, Whoa. This is architecture. Creativity and ingeniousness at good lengths. Congrats to Ar. Chang.

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    in hk, the book on this (lifetime) project is available for quite some time – worth a look at!

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    Hey ArchDaily,

    Can you give us a enhanced image on his 24 different designs. Can’t see squat on that image, just pixels. Can you put a higher resolution on it?

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    Looks like an exercise in Combinatorics..
    interesting to know if he applied any combinatorial technique.

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    I think all this has to be mechanised so that it’s not so tedious to use and that it’s a bit future proof as well. Not easy to push and pull those panels when you get old.

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    Hay everyone, can someone provide me some usefull link where i can find some cross sections and possible combinations of the apartment in better resolutions :) Thaks :)

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    Hello MR CHANG,
    Could we have a date in HONG KONG ?i’ll be in ASIA in MAY,
    I schedule my trip to visit BEIJING and SHANGAI so please let me know your availabilities,
    Best reggards
    farid kodja.

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    Please may i have the mail address of Mister Gary Chang
    Cos i would like to have a date for a meet in his home country
    I have a plan for Hong Kong soon

    Thanks and Best regards

    F.kodja Paris/France

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