Infinity Forest Project / Scale Architecture

© Brett Boardman

Architects: Scale Architecture
Location: Sydney,
Project Team: Matt Chan, Katie Hepworth, Isabel Cordeiro
Client: City of Sydney
Project Area: 10 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Matt Chan, Kasia Werstak, Jamie Williams Photography, Casey Bryant, Brett Boardman Photography

© Jamie Williams Photography

As part of a series of temporary urban art interventions taking place in the City of Sydney, The Infinity Forest is a green oasis amongst the hard, vertical walls of Penfold’s and Hosking Place.

exploded axo

Normally used as a shortcut or smoking area, this forgotten alley’s visitors will now find it transformed by a burst of concentrated nature.In the space between fire escapes, vehicle ramps and back door entrances, you will come upon tough timber walls that conceal a forest within. Entering this intimate urban living room, you discover yourself captured in an infinite view of a silver birch forest, where you can pause and reflect on the city above.

© Matt Chan


Timber walls – FSC rated recycled Iron Bark, courtesy of The Woodage, Mittagong NSW Australia
Mirror lining – Dibond
Flooring – Draincell by Atlantis Corp
Lighting – INlite

Cite: Saieh, Nico. "Infinity Forest Project / Scale Architecture" 14 May 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • ornament and crime

    Inspired genius. Well done.

  • hannah

    oh wow! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! this is GENIUS!!! Very well done!!!

  • windzerg

    That’s great! I love it!

  • Christiane

    I like the concept of “intimate urban living room” which lacks in most cities, even smaller ones… here you can just have a little break.

  • up_today_arch

    These thinks should be everywhere… may be made as labirint among buildings?

  • Noni

    I saw this project and loved it! It was so refreshingly original!

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  • Bogdan

    I would like to see this in every city!

  • shetu

    Fantastic idea.
    At last we came to that age where forest is an illusion.
    I would not not like to see this in every city.

  • tDA

    Beautiful, simple interlude. Love it.

  • Anita

    Its a scheme which makes a beautiful moment out of such an impoverished environment,,,,,and an expanded opportunity out of scant resources……congratulations

  • John C

    Great idea. Precisely executed. Well done!

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  • OSTI


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