Saudi Arabia Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010

The Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010, which starts in two days, is a combine effort of Chinese and Saudi designers. The pavilion has a “moon boat” shape and is surrounded by deserts and seas, just like Saudi Arabia. Along with the 150 date palms that are now planted in the pavilion, it’s main attraction is a huge IMAX screen. The 1,600-square-meter screen is larger than any other cinema screen on earth. Short films will be presented on the screen.

You can see more images and a video after the break.

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Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Saudi Arabia Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010" 29 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 18 Sep 2014. <>


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      your spelling would suggest that you are indeed asleep.
      That said, I think this building represents Saudi architecture better than anything serious ever could. that’s not a compliment.

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    From a country that requires women to cover themselves from head to toe in black fabric…I wish they would cover this up! Horrible.

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    Moon boat? Looks more like a giant toilet to me.

    The video is definitely worth watching, if only for the bizarre spaceship landing sequence. Plus, it’s the only way to learn more about the “happy garden on earth”, “huge shadow place”, and “VIP hanging basket”.

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    Call me crazy but I think the renderings show a different form / design than what is in the picture. I would much rather look at the renderings than see this thing in person. A true case of renderings being deceptive.

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    Nasty design! Typical of a modern Middle Eastern country to have an all flash no substance design, as long as we throw as much money at it as we can to hell with the result. Then again, if an Expo is to represent the values of your country, then maybe this does achieve this pavilions purpose after all….

    My point is exemplified in the IMAX screen – “Larger than any other cinema on Earth”. Figures.

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      While I totally agree with you, it’s also typical of design firms working for arab countries to accept that condition, all glitter no thought. I know because I worked for one of them based in Miami, where all that mattered was who got to travel next time to stay at the most expensive hotel in the world.

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    Wow, this is architecture gone really wrong. Isn’t there an editorial committee that kind of judges the pavilions before they get approved for construction or something?! Damn this is ugly!

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      typical attidute, i have money and i know better and a western practise eager to please at a high price offcourse made it work.
      well, not work, as it good taste, work as in, built it.
      Histroy will remember actions like this and judge them. or maybe not. none cares eventually about horrid architecture and it will perish in time with the money they wasted it on it.

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    A slice of earth raised from the ground and then held by a bowl shaped container in position with the help of a number of columns ,,,why ???.
    A flying elephant AS CONCEPT would have been just as impressive , this building at best expresses a society with questionable purpose.

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