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  7. House in Santa Teresa / SPBR Arquitetos

House in Santa Teresa / SPBR Arquitetos

  • 01:00 - 26 April, 2010
House in Santa Teresa / SPBR Arquitetos
House in Santa Teresa / SPBR Arquitetos, © Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

© Nelson Kon © Nelson Kon © Nelson Kon © Nelson Kon +58

  • Architects

  • Location

    Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil
  • Architects

    SPBR Arquitetos
  • Director In Charge

    Angelo Bucci
  • Project Team

    Ciro Miguel, João Paulo Meirelles de Faria, Juliana Braga, Suzana Jeque, Tatiana Ozzetti
  • Structural Engineer

    Jorge Zaven Kurkdjian
  • Landscape Architect

    Fernando Magalhães Chacel
  • Lighting

    Ricardo Heder
  • Services

    Alberto Chagas Barreto
  • Constructed Area

    481.41 sqm
  • Area

    4488.65 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

From the architect. Santa Teresa is a historical neighborhood that offers some great views of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The house is located in one of the highest points of Santa Teresa’s hill. From the north side of the house it is possible to see the old downtown; from the south side, a more panoramic view of Pão de Açucar and the Guanabara Bay. The site starts at 100 m above sea level at the cable car street and finishes at 125m at a breathtaking viewpoint of Pão de Açucar.

The project takes into consideration the two pre-existent levels of the pronounced topography: 120 m and 125 m over sea level.

© Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

At the lower level, there is a linear block that leads to the bedrooms and the office. Their main glass facade opens up to the enjoying garden on the east side. These two prismatic and linear volumes are opened on the east and west sides but are completely closed on the north and south sides, living the ground under them empty. The roof was designed to make a complementary ground on the upper plateau.

© Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

The living room is located over the higher plateau providing a view of downtown on the north side and of the Guanabara Bay and Pão de Açucar on the south. This volume is closed on the east and west sides to avoid sun heat and to emphasize the magnificent views on the other sides. It leaves the level below completely open. Thus, there is a bare level between bedrooms and living room which is filled by the kitchen, where, according to the traditional Brazilian culture, most people will spend their spare time.

It is a spread out and blown-up construction that should become part of Rio de Janeiro’s landscape.

Cite: "House in Santa Teresa / SPBR Arquitetos" 26 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Beverycool · April 17, 2015

Yes, very nice but I could never sleep for thinking whether this display of wealth was going to attract unwanted visitors! What was that noise, quick lock all the doors?

metroneuf · August 27, 2011

House in Santa Teresa / SPBR Arquitetos via @archdaily

Frederico · June 19, 2010

So great! Gives me proud to be brazilian.

malu · June 06, 2010

DEMAIS!! (via @archdaily)

Osvaldo Moyano Marin · May 11, 2010

Tirando partido dos desníveis. Casa em Santa Teresa (RJ) / SPBR Arquitetos. #arquitetura

chyanne husar · May 08, 2010

ok, last one for a bit - love the #spaces

Jake · May 05, 2010

morreeer de inveja da vista, arquitetura residencial..

Arthur Francisco · May 04, 2010

Suggestions: look at the points where the walls would touch the ground, the floating unaligned plans, the hierarchy of elements and - my favorite - the floor plans solutions.

Rê Brandão · April 27, 2010

Uma viagem até o Rio, mais precisamente em Santa Teresa! SPBR #arquitetura

Guido Schröpel · April 27, 2010

ARCHITEKTUR: Etwas brachial, aber irgendwie gut: Haus in Santa Teresa mit Blick auf Rio. SPBR Arquitetos; Archdaily -

Jaro Kukucka · April 27, 2010

Another brutal concrete house:) #architecture

Nicholas Patten · April 27, 2010

I&#39d Live Here: House in Santa Teresa.

arnold · April 27, 2010

strange house. "modern"(?), but looks like built 20 years ago.

- that I saw at first: the lack of construction quality. the concrete walls looks not good.
- the second, that I saw, that this house don't have some kind of elegance, grace and lightness. maybe if this house would be white, maybe it looks better?

this building.. for me is not nice. he is havy and gloomy like abandoned factory department.

David Basulto · May 19, 2010 06:34 AM


I recommend you to take a look at the modern movement buildings in Brazil.

With that in mind, you'll notice that on this house every "effort" is put on the spans that enclose the spaces. Secondary elements are simple (which you might not find elegant), and don't try to compete with the quality of the spaces.

You can change the railings, you can paint the walls. But the spatial qualities are unique.

Henry A.Vásquez Soto · April 27, 2010
archi · April 27, 2010

This is BRILLIANT! Concrete has never looked so sexy.

Luiz Pereira Barreto · April 27, 2010

Belíssimo projeto de casa no Rio de Janeiro,

eduardo · April 27, 2010

really generous spaces.

Cindy FrewenWuellner · April 27, 2010

Lovely Rio. RT @archdaily: Incredible project, this is there I want to retire #architecture

Robert Richard Paxton · April 27, 2010

It remembers me a lot the "Junquera house" of the Brazilian architect Mendes da Rocha. The same "style", but still an amazing house.

Benjamin · April 27, 2010

More like an industrial showroom than a house.

tim · April 26, 2010

Aaarghhhhh i´m biting my fingers !!!!

Brent Watson · April 26, 2010



shetu · April 26, 2010

simply awesome......extraordinarily matured design....tremendously inspiring project.......I don't know much about this architect, but I'd like to see more of his projects.

RD.MT · April 26, 2010 09:25 PM
rodger · April 26, 2010

impressive site. strange architecture.
lots of great moments, heroic and bold, and lots of truly horrible ones also.

Richard M. · April 26, 2010

Amazing project. Bucci is my favorite brazilian architect...

architist · April 26, 2010


Dimitris · April 26, 2010

Fantastic site, beautiful design, great combination of materials.


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© Nelson Kon

圣特蕾莎住宅 / SPBR Arquitetos