Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec proposal / BIG + Fugère Architectes

We have been featuring different proposals for the competition including  Saucier + Perrotte‘s proposal and the winning proposal by OMA.   BIG, who teamed with Fugere Architectes, just shared their proposal for the expansion with us.  The design includes a grand green roof that, although it seems to slope at quite a precarious angle, is accessible for people to walk on.  The sweeping form surrounds two large facades that reveal the changing exhibitions inside the museum.   These massive windows also flood the interior with daylight.   As the two facades rise opposite each other, the roof lines connect to the ground and continue the existing park onto the actual building.

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec proposal / BIG + Fugère Architectes" 21 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    Wow, great competition, I think I still prefer the winning proposal but this is right up there. Good to see serious proposals and good competition.

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    a total disregard of the context with respect to scale, detail, and structure. also they would sully the accessible roof with railings. these big projects seem to be generic and at this point manneristic.

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    well….it’s kind of out of the context, BIG basically have a couple of ready made concepts and try to sell them everywhere…but I still like it better than OMA…or I just don’t like OMA.
    the roof could be a nice ski slope for the kids in winter he he he he…))))

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    Interesting project spatially and conceptually. However, just because the roof is accessible doesn’t mean people are actually going to want to walk on it. Is there any reason for people to go up there? It seems there is a contemporary fetishization of traversable roofs, and while some are quite successful, I think it is entirely unnecessary in this project. On the other hand, the ski-slope idea I quite like…

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    seems all to familiar with big, it starts of as box or rectangle push, pull hey presto. Are they just running out of ideas? pity.

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    So they’ve rotated a portion of a rectilinear volume into the ground. I’m new to this architecture malarkey, but to my untrained eye, that seems a bit arbitrary. It also looks like, as Lynn Folds-Wood might say “a potential death traaaaaap”.

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    Won’t people just fall off the roof?
    It will need to be monitored, thus ruining the scheme a bit.

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      i have the same doubt. it’s seems like the angle is too steep.

      anyway, i love BIG’s projects, but at first sight i prefer the OMA proposal.

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    these diagrammatic one-liners are getting old… and why can’t buildings be just buildings, instead of these trendy landscape hybrids?

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    Because Landscape Architecture and Architecture need to be tied closer together. Because Architecture is what hapens when the sky meets the ground. Because buildings have lost their relationship whith their inmediate surroundings. Because a public building needs to be just that, public.

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      There are thousands of brilliant public buildings built over the last 3 millennium which aren’t sloped boxes

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    I really think that this one is not soo good in the inside as OMAs… but I think it’s much more beautiful outside

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    I am wondering what is the function of the accessible roof. Looks like it is only a slope that leads to nowhere..with no activities happening on there..

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    sorry , i didn’t like it at all. it’s just the “new building” seems out of context and try to take more protagonism with the another one :( . In a place like that, i don’t think its suitable a project like this…

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    these guys really need to start paying attention to where these buildings are located…. shows no respect at all.

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