Dance and Music Center in the Hague finalists announced

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Dance and Music Center in the Hague finalists announced" 21 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    Nice to see the next generation (SO-IL) emerging between the standard names and corporate mammoths

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    love the models to compare.. so interesting. the ds+r is the cleanest in my book right now, though i would take a while to go through all these

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    even after going through the full competition entries it’s hard to perceive what the actual street / person perspective is going to be…the massing models set up this beauty queen sort of line up which the site model promotes. Its just strange to judge something from a point of view that only birds and god /space ghost would have. With that said I now understand why zaha wins… sex sells. But I would really like to see what / how the materials will be used especially since most of the projects show some kind of layering system.

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    I prefer the Ian Simpson, Arets, and OMA schemes. I wish I was not so interested in OMA’s but its such an interesting parti. Doesnt it look like its missing some program?

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      it really does,if you look at the program almost 50% is left out, or it is not outside space but atrium,,,,,which makes the project totally different

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      LWS, those 3 are also my favorites.

      OMA’s seems to be the smallest one (height), with a generous opened ground level plan, looks like it would fit perfectly in an urban environment.

      however, without context we can only imagine.

      The other 2, might be too bulky or tall for the site, but who knows, those models shouldn’t be showcased like sculptures, they’re supposed to be inserted somewhere.

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        duh!…didn’t click on the links provided.

        Hands down, OMA’s the best.

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    Architectenstudio HH- Rapp+RApp / Jean/Marc IBOS / Myrto VITART: has used that transparent material.. can someone plsease tell me the name of it.. thanks

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    The official website shows much more of the designs. Personally i think wiel arets and mecano are the best, omas project is good also but miss almost 30 percent of the program…sorry REM but this is not a ideas competition fopr students you must have the program in the building

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    oma’s desing seems to be the most considerate – just beautiful in the context… no wonder, they are just around the corner, knowing the situation the best…

    worst (as always): aedas – students’ design (as always)

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    They should show the models in context instead of them individually – it is amazing how different the schemes feel. Zaha’s is beautiful as an object but falls apart in relationship to the surroundings. OMA’s is fantastic but really does feel light in area. Aedas’ is strong and Rau’s is interesting.

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    Wow… You are right. Some of the projects I liked (Ian Simpson and Mecanoo) are actually quite massive in their surroundings…. Aedas’ scheme is surprisingly sensitive and responsive to this site…. I do still like OMA

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    Wow… it really is amazing how different the schemes feel in context. My favorites (Ian Simpson and Mecanoo) actually seem quite large within the surroundings. The scheme by Aedas is surprisingly responsive and sensitive in this site. I do still like OMA.

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    i agree w frieda. I don’t see hadid section / layout for this project.
    jimbo: do you think OMA’s proposal really loose 30% of program? I think OMA do multifunctional something. Smaller but it don’t means it loose the 30%.

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    Zaha´s project is the best in my opinion. I like DS+R, but this looks a lot like their successful Museu da Imagem e Som for Rio de Janeiro, kinda repetitive.
    Mecanoo´s and Oma´s proposal are interesting approaches too, although totally different from my favorite.

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    I am born in The Hague. It’s my home town. So I know the context very well. I must say that I like OMA’s “Urban Terrace” idea. It interacts so good with the environment. I also like Zaha Hadid. But it looks like it is so isolated from the Spui Square where it is situated.

    Now we know that Neuteling Riedijk has won the compatition unfortunately. It doesn’t go well with the context. It’s just a Shape you don’t know whats happening.

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