Villa Dali / 123DV Architecture & Consult

© Christiaan de Bruijne

Architects: 123DV Architecture & Consult
Location: The Hague,
Project architect: Liong Lie
Project leader: Jasper Polak
Design team: Roeland de Jong, Berry van Empel, Jerzy Woźniak, Fred Gerdes
Advisor construction: Kees Luyten, Rotterdam
Advisor installations: Paans Installatiebedrijven, Leerdam
Main contractor: Aannemersbedrijf Van Breukelen, Soest
Landscape architect: Hoveniersbedrijf H.G. Peters, The Hague
Light plan: Mark van Gelder icw 123DV
Site Area: 1,800 sqm
Project Area: 430 sqm
Project Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Christiaan de Bruijne

Home is where the art is.

Capturing the character of Dalí, Jugendstil forms, Spanish facades and nautical life in one villa.

concept diagram

The ‘Villa Dalí’ clients asked for a very personal house which would reflect their passions. They are nautical minded and have a love of art, sculptures and especially the work of Salvador Dalí. During the initial design discussions 123DV architecture were also showed pictures of ancient Spanish architecture. They were fascinated by the closed white stucco facades and metal fences in Jugendstil design. So the challenge was to combine in one villa the beautiful Jugendstil forms, the closed facades, the treasures of the diving world and the unique works of the artist Dalí.

© Christiaan de Bruijne
© Christiaan de Bruijne

For the design of the house 123DV architecture made use of the Paranoiac-critical method by Salvador Dalí (creating optical illusions). The result is a cylindrical white stucco main building with a nautilus spiral structure inside; representing the world of diving. The closed facade facing the street represents the so called Spanish architecture with a blown up ‘Jugendstil’ pattern in the six meter wooden panel as the entrance. In the centre of the house there is a double story cylindrical space. The furniture has also been custom designed. Traces of Dalí’s fluid watch art can be found in their design.

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  • Mo

    That’s a ‘wiseman’!

  • Al-pro

    Haven’t such an clear example of bad taste in a long time!

  • bpr

    look at the car in the first picture is so much better than the house…..clearly a bad move

  • Yazuri

    the glass panels and doors remind me of art nouveau.

  • ROS

    beautiful house from the inside!

  • Trevor

    Kind of kitschy, but if it’s what the client wants then who are we to judge?

    That said, the outside kind of looks like a generic new-age chapel. That stairwell on the other hand, absolutely beautiful.

  • Ale

    Can you spell “kitsch” ?
    And what’s with the flooring pattern on the tables? :/

  • abe

    Dalí is cool, this is not.

  • jtrfq

    There is pure surreal and pure modern, You can’t mix it. Corbusier and Dali didn’t like each other.

  • glovely

    Looks like 3rd rate Eric Mendelsohn, with a parti by Captain Nemo.

  • andrei

    this is wrong.

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  • Unknown


  • Ballista Magazine

    In my humble opinion, there are just too many concepts that the architect is attempting to execute in the same architectural work. Truly great architecture exhibits an honest and sincere devotion to concept; however, the villa is trying to do too much with too many conflicting ideologies. Even from a formal perspective, the juxtaposition of simple shapes just isn’t sitting right…

  • matt

    Maybe from an architectural viewpoint this isn’t the greatest work, but I can see how the client could be very happy in this house.

  • up_today_arch

    What is EXACTLY corresponds to Dali in this project? Nothing. Study Dali creativity, please.

  • justin

    architecture, might, just oneday kill itself.
    what a glorious day that will be.
    and then maybe again in the futre it might rise again.
    what a glorious time that will be aslo.

    lets hope it happens quick.

    • bLogHouse

      .. and blessed will be the days between those two events..

  • habito

    you can check Ando’s staircases…spiral motive but…in an elegant way!

  • Chas

    dont’ like the house.
    want the car.

  • ralph spoilsport

    I’m sure glad that nautilus shell generated the parti, because that REALLY makes it relevant.

  • bELLA