Footbridge in Maribor / Ja Studio + Tadj-Farzin Studio

A few weeks ago, we featured Arhitektura d.o.o‘s  second place entry for a competition.  Here’s another proposal by Toronto-based Ja Studio in collaboration with Tadj-Farzin Studio that  revisits the idea of the bridge as a multi-functional urban surface.  The 150 meter long bridge, fit for cycling and walking, resolves its geometry between the structural issues of crossing and spanning and the functional opportunities that may potentially arise from the structural necessities.

More images and more about the proposal after the break.

The architects felt the bridge’s  proximity of the existing bridges over Drava along Lent Tabor embankment provided an opportunity for the new bridge to become more of landmark and a vibrant urban surface engage with the water’s edge.    The 15m wide undulating surface creates a variety of experiential conditions and provides the structural stability for the project.

Users can interact with the water and partake in a variety of activities.  ”The range of possible interaction of people and water becomes infinite. People’s spontaneous use of this urban surface would turn the bridge to an urban spectacle.”

Wood decking covers the bridge and morphs into steps for access, and sloped surfaces on the steep conditions. The single surface areas will be protected from public access by a combination of steel tube guardrails. The ridge of the surface is a horizontal pathway that forms a datum for the bridge and connects the two sides of the bridge.

A nice touch is the bottom of the bridge –  the mirror finished copper roofing sheets that clad the underside of the footbridge protect the structure of the bridge and reflect the Drava ripples and the colors of historic Maribor clay tile roofs.

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Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Footbridge in Maribor / Ja Studio + Tadj-Farzin Studio" 11 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • sterode

    great design, i love the idea of having this multifunctional space spanning over the river

  • Jurgis

    what about the ships ? how do whey go under the bride ?

  • James

    A visually attractive design, however completely impractical – sorry to be a killjoy. When the river floods, which it will, the bridge is going to act like a giant scoop, trapping all the detritus that will inevitably be swept downstream. There’s a reason bridges are raised up….

    This would look very good on a lake or pond though, Pawsons Sackler crossing springs to mind…

    • james

      very good point.

      • james

        i agree.

    • Nick

      Surely this is a good thing – someone can then come along and collect this detritus – bottles, plastic bags etc. and it will act like a river rubbish trap. Think outside the box

  • LUE


  • heidi

    I love it. Its appearance come from its function,the way to unite thenm is great. But it doesn’t leave space to let big ship cross, why?

  • ShuSai

    Incredible FORM ~!

  • ryan

    oh this is just awesome. no way around it

  • hata

    If the elder one is not existing,this project will be more better for this site,but now the truth is that it must be the opposite of the other. For my opinion, it is too close to the elder one and too contrasting with each other.

  • up_today_arch

    A lot of variations of footbriges alredy exists, it is plesure to see new look… I like this style, new wave, of course! Very close to my point of view of architecture.

  • arnold

    very interesting Idea.
    the only one remark: the bridge could be a bit lighter (transparent).

  • mohamed anes

    woow i like it great

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  • yidui

    great design,fun bridge,fun space by river

  • R Goldschmidt

    For the great sealor who comment like “what about big ships?” Probably the river is not navigable for the pertoliar tanks. So before you make a comment, please go and find out about it! Just a friendly advise

  • R Goldschmidt

    And by the way, it is a great project. I really like it, really great. Bravo!

  • luca

    the best idea i have seen in a while

  • john
    student project like this!!

  • Anais

    great structure ~! I like it~!

  • minos


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  • mohamad

    is there anybody who can give me more information about this project?

  • Shadi Amirirad

    i like it .it is very very rapturou.