Habita Hotel / TEN Arquitectos

Mexican architects BGP Arquitectura designed this stylish hotel in Mexico City. The skin acts as a buffer to the busy outside, while converting into a lamp during night. Cool pool on the roof top.

Location: Lamartine 201, Colonia Polanco,  México City, Mexico
Architects: TEN ArquitectosEnrique Norten, Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta
Team: Aarón Hernández, Sergio Nuñez, Francisco Pardo, Julio Amezcua, Hugo Sánchez, Claudia Marquina, Carlos López, Martine Paquin, Adriana Díaz, Rubén Garnica, Miguel Ríos
Area: 2,500 m2
Design: 1996-1998
Construction: 1998-2000
Photography: Luis Gordoa, Undine Pröhl, Jean Luc Laloux

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Cite: "Habita Hotel / TEN Arquitectos" 24 Feb 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=5582>
  • thiago

    The Habita Hotel is from mr. Enrique Norten and his TEN Arquitectos right?



  • ibravo

    yep , Enrique Norten


  • jesus

    but it was designed for bernardo gomez almost totally when he was associated with norten. i think Bernardo is the creative man behind all norten`s projects.

  • http://dk.lazymovie.com 3drenderer

    Those are really extraordinary renderings. Can’t have been cheap :)

  • Ceno

    Render?! which one? Those are real picture

  • http://gosorio.com german

    the hotel is real no renderings, and yes Bernardo Gomez Pimienta is the creative mind behind TEN, hes gone solo and done some interesting stuff, but his time with Enrique was very good for modern Mexican architecture, now Enrique has been wining commissions in the US like crazy, definitely hotel habita is one of my favorites.

  • Paul ALLEN

    Hey Jesus, why do you think culture in general is so obsess with authorship. I mean, Does it really matter who is the creative man behind a project that took tens of people to achieve? Does that makes you gain more konwledge about architecture, about that building? I’m just saying…

  • jesus

    hey paul,coz people is wrong saying the Habita it´s an enrique norten desing, just that….no more, an another topic, if you have a child, obviously, are you proud of him? or not?

  • Paul ALLEN

    It depends. Is the child cute or smart?

  • jeanpitru

    vaya de verdad que este enorme cubo…refresca la zona…pues parece un enorme hielo….de día

  • Wargo

    In mid 90′s the renderings were very rough.

  • http://www.mcconnellphoto.net Arcitectural Photographer

    Very nice design and good interior work, thanks for sharing.

  • new rayado