Pallet House / Schnetzer Andreas Claus + Pils Gregor

With all the sustainable and recycled projects, it is always fun to feature one that incorporates a  material being used differently from its intended use, which we haven’t seen before.  Of course, we can discuss whether the repetition of a recycled element categorizes it as a piece of architecture, yet, no matter our standing on that, we should agree that the pallets’ new function provides a surprisingly nice touch on the home’s exterior (especially with respect to the night time images).  The home, entitled Pallet house is the creation of two students from the University of , and as the name suggests, reuses pallets to form a modular, energy efficient and affordable housing.   The idea stemmed from a competition back in 2008, which the duo took first for, and now the homes have been exhibited in several European cities including Venice, , Linz and Grenoble.  Currently in South Africa, the home costs 11USD per sq foot and could become a clever approach to low income housing.

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Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Pallet House / Schnetzer Andreas Claus + Pils Gregor" 07 Apr 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • JessAnn

    Looks pretty at night, but how to retain any degree of thermal comfort? Looking like a livable structure and functioning like one are two different things..

    • citysymph

      ……reuses pallets to form a modular, ENERGY EFFICIENT and affordable housing.

      i think that means that there is some kind of thermal insulation – between the pallets?

  • jimbob

    photo 11 shows exposed bulk insulation, and you can see in photo 8 how there is an extra stack of lined pallets internally… i presume its even waterproof. i’m more interested in how they get a 4.8m span out of the roof over the deck… kinda fun, got a nice sprinkling of “shazam”, but probably looks better as a lamp than a house…

  • Harperolocito

    I love it, but how many (sound) pallets are there in the world. It’s the same problem with fly ash – shouldn’t we be looking at elimiinating it rather than recycling it? So how many houses could you build with all of the unused pallets?

  • K

    See also Pugh+Scarpa’s Make it Right House. Also an interesting use of pallet construction. Nice work.

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  • rawan

    anyone knows how these pallets are connected with each other ? help am a student trying to figure out a module similar to this!!

    thank you

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