Shanghai 2010: Almost ready?

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There’s still a little bit more than a month till the opening of Shanghai’s World Expo 2010, scheduled for May 1st. Many construction workers are still working to finish the pavilions that will receive up to 800,000 visitors every day, expecting a total of 70 million visitors till October 31, when the Expo will close its doors. So are the pavilions ready? Check the updates on several countries after the break.

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China :


See pavilion in AD

France Pavilion:


See pavilion in AD

Israel Pavilion:

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See pavilion in AD

Luxembourg Pavilion:

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See pavilion in AD

Poland Pavilion:

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See pavilion in AD

South Korea Pavilion:

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See pavilion in AD

Spain Pavilion:


See pavilion in AD

Switzerland Pavilion:

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See pavilion in AD

UAE Pavilion:

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See pavilion in AD

UK Pavilion:


See pavilion in AD

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  • Rasmus Kofod

    Nice collection.
    Would love to see it for real!

    You forgot the best of the best, the Danish pavillion.



    RT @archdaily: Shanghai 2010: Almost ready?

  • Tadas Cern

    No, the best is Lithuanian

  • vano

    Yes agree!

  • threads

    let’s not forget the greatest pavilion of the ol US of A!

    a moment of silence.

    • ivche

      yes…. a moment of silence for the death of all taste.
      usa pavillion is completly uninspireing. you people have never had taste

    • Jonjon

      Step back to the past…it’s 1970!

    • robinwau

      what’s so great about the USA pavilion? it looks like any other shopping mall to me

  • rodrigobocater

    the UK pavillion its incredible! great execution! and a brilhant idea with the seeds and skin facade!!

    • Tuf Pak

      I agree, the UK pavilion is stunning. It and the Spanish pavilion far exceed their renderings. The Spanish pavilion looks just passable, the UK pavilion looks impossible!

      Does anyone know what is embedded in the inside ends of those Lucite rods? They look like seeds, but in the only interior photo I’ve seen it isn’t clear.

  • an apple a day

    all wrong: the best is Romania!

  • david
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  • César Castro

    I think this Expo reflects what China thinks about enviroment and sustainable design.

  • and

    The Amercian pavilion is complete trash, wouldn’t have been good in the 80′s and certainly isn’t any good now.

    • bLogHouse

      It’s like a giant check point with billboards. and as such represents very well the country.

  • joe

    Agreed, the people that designed the American pavilion should be round up and shot.

    • Ruester

      “Agreed, the people that designed the American pavilion should be round up and shot.”

      appropriate since it’s in china, no?

  • Mäkinen

    Finnish pavillion is my cup of tea ;)

    • banana

      literally :)

  • Sergio

    The British pavilion is A M A Z I N G !!!! It actually looks better in photos than in renderings!

  • joe

    No! MY country’s pavilion is the best!

    Architectural bias on here is unbelievable. I feel sorry for Macau’s giant rabbit.

  • Nicholas Patten

    Shanghai 2010: Almost ready?

  • EK

    was surprised not to see a US pavilion here, then I went and looked at it… the website mentions how it is a great opportunity for corporate advertising and is designed by a couple people with 30 years of “expo and theme park experience”


    • Nagaguchi

      30 years experience if you count their K-12 years. What a joke the US Pavilion is. All corporate advertising!



    • GA

      Serh gut,danke.

  • André Gope

    Don’t forget the Brazilian Pavilion (LOL).
    I m ashemed of it. =/
    Well, i kwon how the Lithuanians(?!?!) feel.

  • André Gope

    “The British pavilion is A M A Z I N G !!!! It actually looks better in photos than in renderings!” [2]

    You’re right, men! :)
    Congratulations for U.K., Really amazing.

  • orlando

    i’m amazed with the UK work, it is really impressive. i thoguth they had cheating renderings, but i am really amazed

  • john

    great , amazing! i am proud to be an architect!

  • yeah

    I still can’t stop laughing at the workers sleeping under the UK pavillion. I guess some sleeping quarters were too much to ask since there are no human rights there, eh China?

  • biboarchitect

    Is the austrian one been constructed?

    • yeah

      Yes it has and apparently the tiles which were to create a gradient effect on the facade are absolutely terrible for this purpose and have actually managaed to ruin the building.

      Go to and search for “shanghai 2010 expo austria” to see the disaster.

  • biboarchitect

    Why all the links ” See pavilion in AD” showing the old posts? where r the built buildings?

  • yeah

    Please people stop complaining about USA pavillon until you see the abominations built by Brazil, Australia, Romania, Oman or even Netherlands – seriously Archdaily should make a wall of shame and showcase the worst examples for people to laugh at.

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  • Alejandra

    Estoy sorprendida. Los edificios actuales se ven mejor que los propios renders. Viva!!!!


    some more bizarre pavillions at Shanghai wonkyiness is the de rigeur it seems

  • Ralph Kent

    In the age of the WWW where news, trends and ideas spread in seconds virtually, would someone care to explain to me the point of these World Expos – which happen every 4 years with an interim ‘mini-expo’ in between – meaning we have some sort of national expo somewhere in the world every 2 years? It just seems to be thinly disguised national posturing – something which was inevitable in the mid 1800s in the age of empire, when the idea of World Fairs came about. Call me a spoilsport, but it just seems a bit like an expensive irrelevance in the 21st century.

    • tDA

      i’ll make an attempt, Ralph.
      I would begin with the phrase “quality over quantity” in response to your comment that the web somehow replaces human experience by it’s sheer volume of images, words and video. This is remarkably untrue for thousands of reasons and i would argue experiencing architecture is near the top of that list. Looking at images of the UK pavilion cannot possibly compare to walking in and around that brilliantly refined structure – i personally wish i was ‘there’ and not ‘here’.
      With regards to the world expos themselves. My country has been lucky enough to host two of them ( 67′ in Montreal and 86′ in Vancouver) and people still talk about them here with great pride and longing. We just hosted an Olympics and the consensus is much more divided on whether those are worth the expense and inconvenience. Expos are far more engaging and accessible to the general public than olympics are ($) and they last longer. In fact at the Olympics this winter, the international pavilions were much busier than the venues.