Roche Residence / Atelier Archiplein

Courtesy of Archiplein

Location: Rochebaudin,
Client: Mauricette Tracol
Project Area: 220 sqm
Budget: 300,000 euros
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Courtesy of Archiplein

The goal, here, is to sublimate qualities and the feelings already present on the spot. The large gate is the basic element which generates the entire project: its symmetrical is deferred on the northern frontage generating a crossing tube of light. The limit between outside and interior disappears, operating the fusion of nature and built.

façade schemes
Courtesy of Archiplein

The space of the ground thus illuminated contrast with the higher level which rather seeks the introversion and the shade to him. Two worlds cohabit, consequently how to consider their connection? It is the deformation of the higher floor which, conceptually, comes to find the ground and operates this transition.

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  • ballistamagazine

    That staircase is fantastic! A very interesting balance between rough materials and modern finishes, but brilliantly executed in my opinion. Great work!

  • hovaard

    very nice and real and tactful. where’s the gate tho?

  • Doug

    Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Those stairs are amazing.

  • Oliver

    fantastic stairs …

  • simondroog

    Also love the staircase visually. Wonder how it work structurally though. And how people experience walking on a stairs like that… do you think they would find it pleasant, surprising, fascinating or even unpleasant… just thinking out loud here.

  • Nicholas Patten

    I'd Live Here: Roche Residence.

  • Laurent

    Superbe escalier!

    I wonder if the first two steps were planned like that, maybe it would’ve worked even better leaving a clean hanging staircase from the start.

    Anyway it is a great intervention on a beautiful stone house!

  • fudge

    I love the playful nature of the facade composition, reminds me heavily of window placement in old Scottish Tower Houses. Beautiful A-symmetry. The stair is also marvelous. Less convinced by the theory, though that may be due to poor translation. Nonetheless, bravo!

  • up_today_arch

    This stairs could be model for whole house, I like this style. Small detail is full of architecture.

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  • Andrei M.

    Everithing is quite well arranged in my opinion. I like the idea of the staircase in it’s self but i don’t think it is well placed. Sometimes someone (maybe with some more weight or a bit dizzy) will find it hard to fit in that small stair entrance. Very well done

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