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  6. Germann House / marte.marte Architekten

Germann House / marte.marte Architekten

  • 01:00 - 12 March, 2010
Germann House / marte.marte Architekten
Germann House / marte.marte Architekten, © Bruno Helbling
© Bruno Helbling

© Bruno Helbling © Bruno Helbling © Bruno Helbling © Bruno Helbling +50

From the architect. Swiss photographer Bruno Helbling shared with us this concrete house designed by marte.marte Architekten Feldkirch, Austria. 

© Bruno Helbling
© Bruno Helbling

Approaching the house, it seems monolithic, almost hermetic. Two incisions divide the building, which sits prominently on a relatively level hill, guide guests to a small entrance niche and offer a view of the introverted courtyard to the north. The hard shell opens up towards the valley and the south side, and the extensive glazing reveals the scenery and mountain panorama. The terrace faces the pond and small integrated stream, which blend in with their natural surroundings, lends the courtyard a sense of an open air living room and connects the entrance floor to the grounds via a ramp.

© Bruno Helbling
© Bruno Helbling

The main functional areas are arranged in flowing spatial transitions from the garage to the master bedroom, and from the studio style kitchen to the living/dining room. Due to the diagonals and axes, the visual relationships amaze and suggest size and expanse. On the lower level, the rooms are compact and more defined. Children’s rooms, a study, a utility room, a bathroom, a sauna and a music room round off the range of rooms.

© Bruno Helbling
© Bruno Helbling

Materialisation and detail reveal elegant restraint. The smooth exposed concrete surfaces find their counterpart in the interior in the tactile and optical softness of the white pine floors, built-in furniture and walls. The character of the house turns out to be bright, inviting and almost homey. Windows and doors in white aluminium bring robustness into play and add to the powerful appearance of the concrete.

© Bruno Helbling
© Bruno Helbling

The structure with its notches and recesses sits on the hill like a meteor that has just landed. The adjacent litter meadow embraces the natural bathing pond and brings the cultivated green zone right up to the house. An unpretentious bathhouse built on the foundation of a small barn is an additional atmospheric and useful link to the surrounding agricultural land.

© Bruno Helbling
© Bruno Helbling
Cite: "Germann House / marte.marte Architekten" 12 Mar 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Dennis Moss Jnr · July 26, 2011

Nice house, but i agree with the comments about the floor plan. The elevations also leave much to be desired. How about some people, trees, cars, shading, colour (etc)? Maybe do it in freehand, seeing as these aren't construction documents? The drawings are a product of your creativity as much as the final buildings...

yuji haniyuda · May 02, 2011

Germann House / marte.marte Architekten | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Ayman Star · July 30, 2010

sharp edged design\\modernistic\\simple\\high quality materials\\beautiful perpendicular shapes\\great natural location\\beautiful Ideas\\A place which you can live in to re-new your life and soul ... thanks designer & photographer

?Natasha Palmer? · July 08, 2010

re-use? RT @ScommaDEE: looks familiar RT @Arch1Natty Germann House / marte.marte Architekten | ArchDaily <-- feels...

?Natasha Palmer? · July 08, 2010

Germann House / marte.marte Architekten | ArchDaily <-- feels like a lot of space

ricardo c. · May 30, 2010


KDS · May 29, 2010

Agree with the floorplan legibility problem. Otherwise, WOW. I love the limited palette of materials and pale finishes. Exceptional cabinetry and concrete work, too.

For me, this house doesn't suffer from lifeless box syndrome (LBS) at all. Of course the place was stripped down for the photo shoot, but I can easily imagine this house as the backdrop for a robust family life. The communal areas are arranged in an original way and there's something playful about how the spaces and openings are staggered to give glimpses of other rooms or the view. And I could look at the craftsmanship of that floating cabinet wall for days.

Nicely done.

THIAGO ESPOSITO · April 14, 2010 - a casa perfeita (pra mim)

Ash Reynolds · March 15, 2010

B O R I N G- but maybe in Austria concrete is a bit 'out there'. Needs some freaky graffiti to liven it up a bit otherwise how are you going to find it in the snow? Nice interior and the location is lovely- however that ramp scares me a bit- is the ramp there so you can wear your skis into the house? Now that makes sense. Maybe go further with the ramp, curl it around the house with some humps and create a skate-boarding feature. I am serious.

H · March 17, 2010 02:38 PM

what a useless comment!

catch_down · March 15, 2010
Germann House / marte.marte Architekten | ArchDaily

hmmm · March 14, 2010


People should stop holding onto the past and do something more progressive. Enough white / concrete boxes already! We've seen it since 1920

mima · March 14, 2010

keeping the floorplans this abstract might express the office' artistic attitude, but floorplans should at the same time be readable without having to make guesses...
nice work anyway! i wonder if i would stand this strong concrete and wood aesthetics after some time living there?

Arquitetura da Vila · March 14, 2010

Belo projeto. Ótima proporção entre os espaços e elementos que os confromam.E bom acabamento nos detalhes e materiais .

Enn · March 13, 2010

I'ld say, almost or may be even 100% - perfect. I like it, but sometimes such perfectionism arises question, how about liveliness, how about emotions? Is it home or some main pages of architectural review...?

tDA · March 13, 2010

Beautifully done; in both composition and detail.
Nice work.

isla · March 13, 2010

duh, valerio olgiati

toni · March 13, 2010 11:05 PM

Lots of people use concrete, you know

Nicholas Patten · March 13, 2010

I&#39d Live Here: Germann House.

designrelated · March 13, 2010

mösyö: Germann House / marte.marte Architekten | ArchDaily

thomas foral · March 13, 2010

Germann House / marte.marte Architekten | ArchDaily

spass · March 13, 2010

nice, good photography, but it's a shame that floorplans are drafted in such a way that I simply cannot read them.

ben barren · March 13, 2010 Germann House by marte.marte work Mornington Peninsula Dig livin&#39space

ben barren · March 13, 2010 Germann House by marte.marte work Mornington Peninsula Dig livin&#39space

Jaenne S · March 13, 2010

RT @archdaily: Germann House / marte.marte Architekten

Jaenne S · March 13, 2010

RT @archdaily: Germann House / marte.marte Architekten

Jaenne S · March 13, 2010

RT @archdaily: Germann House / marte.marte Architekten


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