SGLight House / GRAU.ZERO

© Manuel Correia

Architects: GRAU.ZERO
Location: Santo Tirso, Porto,
Structural Engineers: Ricardo Mendes, Eng.
Project Architect: Sérgio Nobre
Design Team: Gustavo Custódio
Gross internal floor area: 240 sqm
Design Year: 2004-2006
Construction Year: 2006-2008
Photographs: Manuel Correia

With the use of maxima deployment allowed by ground in its vertical projection, resulted the volume of the building.

The idea was blend a sculpture image with architectural needs, making them ambiguous, was the proposal made to the owner, as a work premise.

ground floor plan
section CC

We used a 10 ° flexion in two volumes, in order to maintain among themselves a common language. The application of bending, runs one of the volumes in its horizontal axis, and the other in its vertical axis. This gesture created a distant positioning to a formal level between the two block, allowing however have several readings volumes. These large volumes almost blind, provides you a very strong image.

© Manuel Correia
© Manuel Correia

Between the “bodies” happens the entry, where highlights, through a sectioning of the volume on the horizontal axis.

The organization of space, starts in the north wing of the house, a relationship between the house and an existing elementary school. Sought to break with some of the architectural forms of identification, especially outside windows that were used in the smallest possible number. Lighting/ventilation of rooms happens from individual small patios.

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    algum empresário ou jogador de futebol não?lamborghini em portugal é de estranhar…

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    looks nice but very similar to a private house by Souto de Moura…. is it me who thinks that?

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      Stephen, do you mean ‘epitome’ or are you really referring to some sort of architectural pandemic?
      White Flu, perhaps?

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    Expensive and lame. What a waste. If only it looked like Souto de Moura…not in a million years. As for the car, not bad for a nouveau riche client…

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    Oh yes i meant epitome, but funny- epidemy has a meaning that does sort of fit with my thoughts.
    im afraid my children may “catch this” in future without my protection.

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      One day we may have a vaccine….

      Back to the project, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more interior shots. I think.

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    Hang on a minute!!!!!
    Are there really no windows in the bedrooms?!?!?!
    Am I mis-reading the drawings?
    Surely it can’t be true…..
    Someone tell me I’m mistaken…. please.

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      I mean I can see the lightwell thingys, but really, seriously?!
      A whole block of land that you could landscape as you please and I have to sit in my bed looking at a wall in a 600mm wide lightwell?

      Sometimes concepts should just stay as concepts.

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      And in case you missed it the roof is made of glass. Or at least that is what the shadows on the floor plan are telling me.

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    I don’t understand the point of this project. At first glance it piqued my interest but further inspection disappoints. The plan and section are very basic. The interiors are dark and uninteresting. It appears all efforts were directed to creating a piece of sculpture. As sculpture it has some interest but the idea that it is a combination of sculpture and function isn’t convincing.

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    You are right Enceladus, this is a poor copy of Souto de Moura’s work in which the shape was generated by the terrain characterists. Yes, the Lamborghini is just the cherry on top of the cake…

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      By the pure form – do you mean the very visible gutters (which destroy this impression) or a very thick roof-plate? (there are alternatives)

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    Que BIMBO!!!
    Mas Lamborgonis em Portugal são cada vez mais… para uns quantos e a par da miséria geral!

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    Nice car…I was very disappointed, when found that it isn’t Souto de Moura houses in Ponte de Lima.

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    Portugal does it again.

    Thanks for the diagrams by the way, they really explain the whole project, really makes me understand it all…so helpful, what a joke…

    And the car…is that really necessary!? man…it just takes away all the credibility of the project.

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    the client of this house, was a lambo driver, who wanted “lambo house”. it easy to understand the idea of exterior forms ;-).

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    I little bit surprised, outside optic is different with inside style. When you see the house, you wait something special interior… Or more interesting structure…

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