The future of architectural visualization

  • 25 Feb 2010
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Zebra Imaging 3D brings the future of visualization, thanks to this thin holographic sheets.

Zebra Imaging makes digitally-mastered, actively-animated, true-color, full-parallax holographic images. These holographic images are available in full color, or in monochrome (green). Zebra’s holographic images can be scaled to any size, large or small. By tiling together multiple tiles, it is possible to create large city maps, full sized cars, humans, and machinery. The minimum you have to do is supply the digital data set–Zebra can do the rest.

More info here. Via Core77.

Cite: Basulto, David. "The future of architectural visualization" 25 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
  • Rilwan Kujenya

    Gentlemen, your minds have been blown.

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  • threads

    It would be nice if you could “plug in” and upload images yourself and then erase or rerecord at a later time without having to send them off.

  • HamLeT

    OMG!!! this is amazing!!

  • nammitt

    fantastic for quick visualizations, but I think architecture/design students shouldn’t rely totally on digital modeling. revit and such new technologies may be on the up-and-up but nothing beats a well-crafted physical model

  • Khayyam Wakil

    The future of architectural visualization | #ArchDaily #holographic

  • J D Ebberly

    The future of architectural visualization | #ArchDaily #holographic (via @iamkhayyam)

  • hugo

    sorry but…
    yes this is perhaps faster than to built a propel model but sometimes better take some more… Speaking about being accurate with something like that is quite funny >> how can I measure anything on this screen ??

    Anyway still waiting for real 4D hologram technology … ;)

  • Iván

    witchcraft!! witchcraft!!

    Just joking. It looks great!

    It has the benefit of the rotation, but the quality is not better than a good 2d image.
    If the process involved is the same as the 3d modeling plus the extra cost of the hologram, some images can do as well without the extra cost. (one can even do an interactive turntable based on rendered images if wanted)

    It looks new and impressive.

    @hugo: if you need accurate measuring I recommend you do that in the 2d plans (physical or digital) and not in any kind of 3d model.

  • Mike

    How sick is that? O_O

    With a real model beding better or not..this TECHNOLOGY is amazing!

  • Cindy FrewenWuellner

    Incredible. End of #architecture models? RT @archdaily: The future of architectural visualization

  • Allen Varney

    Cool architectural visualization in physical 3D holograms (ArchDaily): /RT @Urbanverse @archdaily

  • Jason Spector

    The future of architectural visualization – (RT @haubert: RT @archdaily)

  • pero

    i even don’t know what 2 write, ladies and gentelman – future is coming! 3d physical models will still exist bo this soft is dope

  • hyon

    Although nothing beats a finely crafted basswood model, I have to say that this is pretty slick albeit expensive. For those of you who can’t afford it, try Unity3d. They make software for independent game developers. It translates well into architectural visualizations. And best of all it’s free!
    …and no I’m not a member of the hair club for men//just a gangsta:)

  • andrei . c

    this is as close to a real model as is a 3D on a computer screen. only you don’t have to navigate with your mouse anymore.

    still, it would be interesting to have renderings like this on your competition pantels…

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  • RGoldschmidt

    Hmmmmmmmmm. I’m spechless, beening agnostic, I can’t say: O my God. (But is something like that.

  • tim

    nothing beats a proper model made from wood and “piepschuim”… Any dollhouse-effect beats flatsurface pictures even if they are 3d…

  • Jan Lehnardt

    Looks like magic, must be magic: — Holographic 3D model representation. (via @designpause)

  • Sean Ouimet

    Looks like magic, must be magic: — Holographic 3D model representation. /via @designpause @janl

  • Simon Thulbourn

    The future is here: if only we could use an electric display and have dynamic versions. /cc: @janl

  • Simon Thulbourn

    The future is here: I want a dynamic version with multi-touch though /cc: @janl

  • Zoltan Ray

    Holographic architectural visualisation prints: via @sthulbourn

  • martin houra

    Holographic images – the future of architectural visualization wow that looks so cool

  • Christoph Kinkeldey

    RT @SWardArch: craziness: RT @archdaily The future of architectural visualization

  • Aj

    @gmacias check this RT @iamkhayyam: The future of architectural visualization | #ArchDaily #holographic

  • S SOK

    @yolandaesteban – For right now, you get to wear fancy glasses. But have you seen this?

  • mitha sari mustafa

    Reading: "The future of architectural visualization | ArchDaily"( )

  • Ganesh

    Its really the future..