Sky, a Dubai video

Filmed by Philip Bloom over 5 days and nights, this beautiful video gives us another view of the amazing city of .

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Sky, a Dubai video" 20 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 Sep 2014. <>


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      it would be if there was more of a message was behind it, but i don’t think it doesn’t work.

      great video

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    Amazing city, but I agree that there is no message behind the video and so the music does not work.

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    No strong feelings about the video, but agree with others that the music is a mismatch.

    “The message is beauty”? Huh? This is Dubai, Dimitris!!!! The message is wanton greed and the excessed of man. I can’t find any beauty in that, I’m afraid.

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    Never thought about Dubai in this mood :) For this is a message. Lots of cities use modern ambient music, but mostly this is not actual feeling when you are living there. Think that music fits Dubai, classic like, like habbitans of Dubai with historical tradietion, hierarchy :)

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    I found it disturbing that many comments about Dubai or projects in the Middle East, China are either Orientalist or bias.

    In the spirit of making/exploring new architecture, maybe we should be a bit positive about Dubai. 100 years from now architecture students may use the Middle East, China as a reference as to present books about European and North American precedents. Its history in the making. Condemned or like it as you may, it is happening.

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      “Condemned or like it as you may, it is happening.”

      Not sure I follow your argument here, Gagarin. The holocaust was history in the making as well, but obviously not in a good way.

      Dubai represents the embodiment of late c20th, early c21st greed, hubris and excess, man as bigger than nature (islands in the sea, huge air con office towers in the desert), built on phoney cash and tax exiles. That isn’t something to be celebrated or applauded in my book.

      You are totally right that it will have historical significance, probably in the same way any major mistake does. But I think there’s enough of it there to have made that point for future generations to reflect upon.

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      Sorry – whoa there boy Jenaro – what’s this? – Are you seriously trying to infer that my dislike of the architecture in Dubai is some sort of anti-moslem agenda?

      Honestly, please! I’ve said why I don’t see any beauty in Dubai’s architecture – because its the folly of man, building huge structures and working against nature building islands with bling-ego-driven crass architecture built on phoney cash and tax-exile’s money. Religion doesn’t come into it pal, so stop trying to present it as the reason I dislike the architecture of Dubai is because of religion. Also – there’s no hatred either, so stop putting words in my mouth. I said I don’t like it and I don’t approve of what it increasingly represents. I don’t hate anyone because of it.

      Try learning to actually look carefully, read and digest what people have typed before wading in and projecting your opinions of posters onto them, please.

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    And as for the envy point. Yeah, right, whatever, if that’s what you need to believe to try to understand my views! I’d just love to live in a place that gets to 50′c in the height of summer. Lovely.

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