SuperOcean / Ginseng Chicken

Ginseng Chicken‘s latest competition entry for the thematic pavilion of the 2012 Yeosu World Expo in explores the relationship between land, coast, ocean and people.  Entitled SuperOcean, the project features a sampling of the ocean, as if a section was lifted above the surface as a way to allow viewers to explore the secrets the deep sea has to offer.  ”When exploring the question of what type of form best represents the identity of the ocean, we realized that the ocean has very objective and quantitative factors such as depth, surface level and area, but at the same time is a very abstract, even spiritual entity to others,” explained the architects.

More images, diagrams and more about the project after the break.

To enter the exhibit, visitors pass through different underwater tunnels where a transparent ceiling provides views of the SuperOcean, and also the experience of being underwater.  The bottom of the SuperOcean is a spacious plaza where users can proceed to an entrance core after being  pressurized by the SuperOcean’s massive body hanging high above them.   Visitors can make their journey through the deep and staggered layers of the exhibition floors all the way up to the SuperOcean’s roof surface.

The project is a way to combine advanced technology with a pure form to create an experiential visit for each person.

The following series of images illustrate the concept of the portion of water rising right in front of Yesou:

Type:                                      Cultural, Exhibition

Client:                                     City of Yeosu

Address:                                Yeosu, Korea

Gross Square Meter:            6,400 s.m.

Construction Budget:          47,000,000,000 KRW

Won per SM:                        7,340,000 KRW/SM

Construction Type:              New Construction
Project Type:                         Competition Entry

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "SuperOcean / Ginseng Chicken" 10 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • xirclebox

    nice concept — > SuperOcean / Ginseng Chicken /cc @feedly

  • pero

    looks great 4 me. i’ve seen those flying medusas in diesel liquid show

  • futuriste3

    Nice blur effect,Good spatial experience to touch & feel water world,

  • bomee

    nice visuals! i really enjoy the unique experiential quality of the project. and how that plate comes out of the water is pretty awesome.

  • phut

    WOW STAND!! go for it!!

  • Wes CJ

    It’s hard to tell how successful a design is just by looking at images, but at least it’s refreshing to see a team trying to solve a “water”-themed project without resorting to fish imagery. That is unless there is a cube-shaped fish that I don’t know about.

  • indonesiankid

    very expensive project:D:D:D:D:D:D

    do the building function is worthy for it:D

  • Architist

    The project look very promising… very good scheme. Go for it!!

  • sullka

    That’s a stunning proposal, not sure if the copmetition is over, if they won or not, but I think it’s too “out there” for a temporarily pavilion, still, it’s an amazing idea.

    Couldn’t help but noticed on their website that theyr’e kinda obssessed with “giant cubes”

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  • Fc

    the building can go up from the sea when exhibition and back to the sea when it is closed? and take different sea things underwater up to the exhibition everyday, like a giant fishing equipment? the facade is falling water?

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  • Ignacio Pineda Mascayano

    Hubiera sido hermoso contrastar la pureza del cubo emergiendo
    de las aguas, con una imagen mas libre en el interior. No queda claro los niveles meteforicos por los que el proyecto
    se planteo,como queda claro el el danteum de Terragni, si se me permite esta irreverente extrapolacion.

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