Double House / Tonoma

© Takumi Ota

Architects: Architect Associates Tonoma
Location: Hyougo,
Main use: Private House
Site Area: 155.74 sqm
Building Area: 82.84 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Takumi Ota

Double House is customized by small site environment.

I decided placement and a form by observing site environment well. Here, I try how the anonymous and small environment maintain sustainability.

environment diagram
© Takumi Ota

By investigation before the start of construction, I understood that comfortable wind flow through the west from a rice field of an east side, lighting reached only southeast and the north side because a building was built in the south, and the same building was built in neighboring living environment.

Therefore I placed a short and big house in the south side ,and a high and small house, and arranged a linear green garden between two preceding houses, and I tried to maintain conventional environment. In addition, I add an angle and operate a form of a roof to take in much lighting.

© Takumi Ota

As a result, a high house of the north side takes and reflects light,and plays a role to drop light in a green garden. I can get lighting from this green garden in each room,and comfortable wind goes through it in this green garden. Additionally, it becomes an element of peace of mind that there are it being surrounded by a lawn and a tree and a flower planted in an impressive place of a green garden near life.

At the same time, Double house which was customized while catching small environment become a symbolic house in accord with this rural scenery and lets potential poetic scenery rise in the whole this place.

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  • Marco


    A small house cleverly integrated with the surroundings and with rich interior spaces.
    Unpretentious modernist and avant-garde and a result very mature.

    • I find there are actually quite a few problems with this house.

      - a family house where you can see people bathing from the living room will lead to closing the shutters – I believe – which makes the window redundant – the idea of the architect dead. I would say mature architects as maybe SANAA wouldn’t do sth. like that.
      - having to open those two doors the whole time 3 feet apart would become annoying in my opinion.
      - of course the garden and the “openness” typical of small japanese architecture but to me it looks like a house with mistakes of the unexperienced ?

  • SB


  • joe Klein

    i love the focus on reflective light.

  • Robert

    What happens in the “Bash Room”?

    • munter roe

      I thought architects had a good imagination?

  • Nicholas Patten

    I'd Live Here: Double House.

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  • setayesh

    it`s too simple , primary .
    ,i don`t no maybe not good is enough for saying everything . however i don`t like