Los Angeles NFL Stadium / Aedas Sport

Designed by Aedas Sport, the innovative 75,000-seat stadium will be the first LEED-certified building in the NFL and will capture the luxury and drama of the world’s entertainment capital. The project anticipates completion for the 2013 season. Both the NFL and the client, Majestic Realty, are committed to making a progressive statement with this building and are exploring a number of initiatives that will make this the most environmentally progressive stadium in the U.S. has employed the unique topography of the site to build the stadium into a hillside, reducing the steel structure by 40% and allowing at least two-thirds of the seating bowl to be built on grade.

More images and full architect’s description after the break.

A significant coup for the architect, developer and owner, this strategy resulted in an US$800m design — US$400m-$500m less than any other recent NFL stadium proposal. An asymmetrical configuration allows all of the suites and VIP areas to be loaded on the west side of the stadium and integrated into the adjacent retail promenade. While primarily for the NFL, this 365 day-a-year entertainment destination can also accommodate soccer, college and high school football, and large concerts. The stadium powers a retail and entertainment destination, offering flexibility with large, interchangeable sponsorship zones for various audiences. Slated to become the NFL’s first LEED compliant stadium, Aedas’ design includes reduced CO2 emissions, recycling initiatives, and — due to the great reduction of steel in the structure — a significant decrease in hazardous environmental effects associated with material manufacturing and transportation.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Los Angeles NFL Stadium / Aedas Sport" 01 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=48328>
  • Felix

    Somehow the renders remind me of the movie “Speed Racer” The actual quality of the architecture is kinda hard to judge

  • Lil Jimmy

    This embodies all I hate about LA…wtf is this garbage? No substance. Why can’t Americans design a cool modern stadium?

    • INawe

      Define “cool modern stadium”.

      Which Starchitect would you have design a stadium for you because a cool looking stadium is all that matters right????

      • Lil Jimmy

        No, having a “Starchitect” design this would fall right under all I hate about LA….
        How about taking a look at European soccer stadiums…now those are much more interesting than any stadium built in the US.

  • http://jacksonlalonde.com Jackson La Londe

    A visual assault. A great idea that looks like it has been co-opted by corporate sponsorship of every last square inch. It almost looks as if they are building it in a fashion that would let them easily convert it into a mall/concert venue if the whole L.A. football thing doesn’t pan out.


    Could these renderings be any busier, Jesus! I feel like I’m gonna get robbed just by looking at these images, I can’t imagine actually going there…

  • RJ

    That’s the stuff we’ve been waiting for. LEED! LEED! LEED!

    But seriously, couldn’t the architects squeeze a bit more branding into this mega sports consu-tainment experience? And what is with all of this dreary lighting? Can’t someone take a stand and build another dam on the Colorado to power this baby appropriately?

  • Mike

    Way too much going on in those renderings. Maybe trying too hard to distract from the fact that they do not have an NFL team to occupy that space currently.

  • paul

    good enough fot that “sport”

  • ryan

    haha, i can’t believe anyone is complaining about the corporate logos, if anything, i think that is an honest and realistic aspect of the project. Whether or not it got put in renderings, it would happen in real life.

    however some of the images get a bit busy.

  • isla

    is it possible? can anybody put some corporate logos in the renders?, btw this is the ugliest stadium project i`ve seen in my live!, a perfect example of koolhaas garbage space!, sorry mi english…

  • chas

    the stadium may be green but it’s only part of a much larger complex. With all the lightings, glass and theatrics of the larger complex I don’t see how it could possibly be be green. I’m left to conclude that greening the stadium is nothing more than a smoke screen to hide the larger ill. I guess it’s better than nothing and lets face it, there’s going to be a stadium there regardless so might as well do something.
    what the heck do they mean by “Interchangable sponsorship zones”? That’s sounds to me like a fancy name for every shopping center in the world. Stores of shopping centers are always changing so their all “interchangable”.

  • INawe

    I don’t care just as long as LA finally gets a football team! All I can say is that this is way better than the fugly billion dollar stadium that is home to the Dallas Cowboys.

    If that’s what it takes to build the stadium i’ll take it. Sure with its LEED and all that stuff is a bonus but the true driving factor in the form of this stadium is overall cost and they know it. That’s the sole reason why a stadium hasn’t been built sooner in one of the biggest cities and markets in the US (all the other proposals were way too expensive).

  • Juni

    Disney World

  • mnjoe

    Stay away from the Vikings, Los Angeles.

    The purple seats are not a good sign.

  • Nicolas

    those renders are too much for my taste.. about the design, it doesnt look that bad, i like the roofs but u get “overwhlemed” (in a bad way) by those renders and its not a good impression.

  • peter

    terrible, just terrible

  • GBLK

    Yes, the renderings are too much .. but if you see the model its more simple. I like the design, for its “statement”(maybe its all just screen because its less expensive , but isnt that good?) and maybe this will make more people design stadiums this way “GREEN”.

    The lights maybe too much , but light tecnology like LED’s right now are energy efficient and i think it wont be turned on 24/7. I think we have to get used to see more buildings like this cuz its just the way architechture is going.More enviromentaly aware,sure people have monetery interest, its just how the world goes..

    P.D: Sorry for my english, trying to better myself!.

    • GBLK

      *cause…sorry for that..

  • http://Www.jacksonlalonde.com Jackson La Londe

    There’s nothing ‘GREEN’ about all that green, Los Angeles is meant to be arid and brown. Green because lack of steel? Please. More congestion on the highways to get to this thing, more crap being sold en mass to dunk sports fans, more garish spotlights. This is green washing at it’s most blatant.

  • Rodrigo

    The first few renders are a joke, look like they were made by 12-year-olds… WTH with the firecrackrers?? I don’t want to meet the people who did this

  • mike

    I guess the renders were not made for other architects to judge, but for the people who give the money, so all that mattered was making them look colorful and flashy, just like advertisement does… I agree, they are too busy and distract from the actual architecutre, nevertheless I see the skills that are required to put out renderings like those.

    I am not familiar with stadium architecture, so I can’t really compare, but I like the design quite a lot (as already mentioned..the modell picture shows the actual simplicity quite well), I think making it look like a hill forming out of the landscpae does the size of the project justice, because imho huge buildings look kinda out of place quite easily when just put down in the area.

  • Rembo

    Aedas, what are you trying to gain posting on this blog? I seriously wonder.

  • Dustin

    basically its the same concept as the new chivas stadium in Guadalajara only with huge advertisment posted all over its arse.

    • jv

      While I would agree with you aesthetically speaking; if you compare the sections of those two stadiums, the new chivas stadium appears to be fully structuring their hill (so that its basically a sloped grass roof), while LA is using the hill to structure the seating and save money on steel (like the Rose Bowl / Dodgers Stadium / the LA Coliseum.

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  • Carlos

    Ridiculous, shows the bad state that “modern” architecture is in. this embodies everything that’s wrong with architecture and the “leed” process (which is BS btw).

    • GBLK

      Hey why do you say te Leed process is Bs??what are you basing on? cause ive been very skeptic about it.. so if you could help me out here..

  • Ernesto

    If your one of those people who believed in the LEED process your a joke. Its only done to legitimize bad and un-responsible architecture.

  • John Speed

    Very misLEEDing indeed! Aedas pulls off the impossible and gives us another horrendous looking design.

  • amr

    Whinge, whinge, whinge….don’t you understand sport does not function without sponsorship. I do not watch NFL as it is boring to me down here in Oz but put yourself in the architects’ shoes.
    The client, the brief, the budget, the stakeholders and the sponsors. It is not easy but architecture is about solving problems.
    Perhaps one day all of you that are whinging because you spend your days documenting toilets might actually get the opportunity to put your ‘design skills’ where your mouth is.

    • Rembo

      I got mad design skills in my mouth, and they be all like – Before you start pontificating about sponsors and stakeholders, think about all of the great stadiums (current and past) that accomplish an amazing quality of design without succumbing to the low standards of Aedas’ proposal. Blam!

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  • Rodrigo

    Welcome to bahia