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4of7 Architecture‘s competition proposal for a in East Africa is a modular configuration that will expand to accommodate more people when necessary.   The proposal was an entry for the “Design for the Children“ competition which asks designers from around the world to develop a sustainable, culturally responsive, pediatric clinic model for .  This modular configuration is a “spatial solution” that will connect a major network of health care.

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The design is configured to suite different surroundings and varied demands.  The repetition of the corrugated steel shell  and I-beam structure held at nodes positioned on the perimeters of the two concentric circles is capable of supporting infinite growth within a recursive geometric pattern.  The module has been designed for the ease of construction as seen in the diagrams:

The design also promotes ways of social interaction by planning for integration between spaces for education, recreation and living.

All facilities are facing the courtyard to allow trouble-free orientation for the patients and if needed to provide a secured environment. The entire structure and shell envelope of phase one of the clinic may be packed into a single container measuring 4mx3mx2.4m or volume of 28.8m³.  The package includes corrugated steel sheets and an I-beam structure which could be easily delivered by land or air to most secluded locations.  From there on the construction process will rely upon very basic skills and gradual introduction of other components such as flooring, insulation, windows and doors, finishes, furniture, equipment.

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Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Pediatric Clinic / 4of7 Architecture" 01 Feb 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Richie

    Nice concept with the modular pattern, and one that you could apply to other building types also. Unlike some of the ideas for temporary\quick-build structures and shelters you could imagine this one being realised fairly easily.

  • isla

    yep. nice modular idea, but what about the pediatric program, this could be anything with the boring honeycomb concept

  • INawe

    Seems expensive with so much steel for the nature of this type of project. Also designing too much in plan is worrisome and boring.

  • Zitoon

    Very good project.
    It looks like a traditionnal concept of Lobi’s villages
    Every new member of the tribe’s family join his piece of house to the main house, until they get a village. When the village is too big , new members build a new house 100m away (far away to the distance a jet arrow)
    It’s not in the same region, but burkina faso and ivory coast border.


    how do you solve the issue of not having a flat site?

  • DCV

    I really like this project. It seems easy and fast to build, and makes an efficient use of materials. I love the fact that the form, as it grows, generates voids that allow the building to breath. Coming from a tropical country I can tell you how important that is. I agree that it could be anything, but what’s the deal about it? Why not.

    4of7, you have a new fan

  • chenlu98

    perfect modular pattern!
    cheap,easy to build up

  • xirclebox

    cool idea –> Pediatric Clinic / 4of7 Architecture /cc @feedly


    Perfect for disorientation…

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