Museum of Polish History proposal / Paisajes Emergentes

Colombian architects Paisajes Emergentes (one of our AD Futures) shared with us their proposal for the Museum of Polish History competition. The project consists in five historical galleries articulated by an open air courtyard.

More images and architect’s description after the break.

By simple spatial procedures every gallery gives a different and intense sense of space related to historical moments. The individual galleries are accessed via a linear ramp that spirals down through the exhibitions whilst each gallery is independently linked to each other offering more freedom to explore. The open air courtyard acts like an extension of the temporal galleries, allowing the possibility for larger exhibitions.

Gallery 1 / Medieval Era

Rooms divided by a non linear circulation each with variable height and light conditions.

Gallery 2 / Post Medieval

One big gallery utilizing the whole space.

Gallery 3 / State and Culture

The space is divided by exhibition walls which create relationships between each of the sub galleries.

Gallery 4 / WWI – WWII

Small galleries for individual or grouped exhibitions (the whole space isn’t completely visible from any place).

Gallery 5 / Communist Period

Variable spatial conditions are created as both the walls and ceiling contract and dilate through the repetition of a single module.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Museum of Polish History proposal / Paisajes Emergentes" 28 Jan 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <>
  • archilocus

    Love the integration into the site with the connection to the castle, though the shape in plan is overly complicated to me.
    I find the interior design much more convincing and really powerful: a kind of mix between comics and theaters spaces, which brings something more than a traditional museum typology.
    I would just have liked the outside to be of that level !

  • mima

    where are the galleries located in the plan and how is the spacial connection organized?
    would like to see more plans to understand the concept.

  • Nicolas

    Another great project from Paisajes emergentes.. all i have to say is that the size of this museum is brutal!

  • tb
  • Ali Manço

    Loved the way periods were represented.
    Do we see full-, semi-, distorted-arches more and more on façades or is it my “selective perception”?

  • raumshit

    sounds about right to me.