Fine Arts School / ROW Studio

ROW Studio shared with us their new design for the Universidad Autonoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca.  Their proposal in posed as an alternative to contrast the actual project for the state school, which is already under construction.  For ROW’s proposal, the school aims to create all the necessary spaces for the teaching the varying techniques and fields of artistic study, while preserving the green areas of the campus.

More about the school and more images after  the break.

The slopes are an extension of the greenery from which the classrooms seem to appear, giving the impression that the space emerges as mounds similar to the primitive idea of the pyramid.  The large expansions of greenery provide the opportunity for students to bring their studies beyond the confines of the classroom, allowing the natural environment to inspire some of their work.

Fine Arts School

Architects: – Álvaro Hernández Félix, Nadia Hernández Félix, Alfonso Maldonado Ochoa.

Use: Fine Arts School

Contributors: Alejandro Maldonado, Ana Mancera.

Date of the Project: October 2007

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Fine Arts School / ROW Studio" 06 Jan 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • htf

    what can a roof top lawn inspired their work ?

  • Johann

    I’m a 2.year arch student who just learned how to render with a 3d software. In my last project I got critique for having interior images that showed the space but didn’t give a picture of how I imagine life inside. Just wanted to share that with you…

  • htx75qr8

    Any views of the context? Would love to see how the design incorporates the surroundings.

  • t’f.

    I think the roofs should be connected by footbridges, that had the same language.
    This, would leave the project more interactive, united and funny.

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  • juan

    it’s covering with green roof the buildings but not the parking??

  • Benan Alnajjar

    This school acts like a piece of art. What makes this building interesting is the new form of art that aims to capture the harmonious connection we seek with nature by merging humanity and nature through architecture. The core concept of that is the students can live harmoniously with nature, using it for their needs while respecting its importance..

  • satya

    what I like to see is that how you interact with surrounding environment. So the sustainable concept can be applied not by just adding a green roof. A green and sustainable building it’s not just how you build it or what material you use, but how it adapt by surrounding environment so it can survive in a long term conditions..