Faroe Islands Education Centre / BIG


Danish firm BIG, in collaboration with Fuglark, Lemming & Eriksson, Sámal Johannesen, Martin E. Leo and KJ Elrad, was awarded with 1st prize on a competition for a new Education Centre in Torshavn, at the Faroe Islands.

The are an autonomous province of Denmark, and this is the largest educational project in the country’s history, and will house the Gymnasium, the Torshavns Technical
College and the Business College of Faroe Islands.

The schools are stacked and twisted, generating a central patio which will be the main gathering space of the center. Each of this programatic stripes is then open to the landscape, getting the most out of its location on a hillside with views over the sea, mountains and the harbor. A very simple scheme, which I like a lot as it doesn´t fragment the public space.

But apart from being a whole when seen from the common areas, each school escapes on its own, through the cantilevered volumes that generate a wide array of different views, giving character to each one of the programatic units. I find this reunite/desegregate scheme very good to get a sense of individuality at the center, and have an intense social life at the same time.

More information after the break, and take a special look at the structural diagram.

Structure diagram © BIG
Structure diagram © BIG
Floor levels © BIG
Floor levels © BIG
Functions diagram © BIG
Functions diagram © BIG
Cite: Basulto, David. "Faroe Islands Education Centre / BIG" 14 Dec 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=43605>
  • zp

    intersting and boring at the same time. well, I think some additional info is needed.

    it might be an interesting building…

    • Antonia

      Diagrams are still in typical BIG style, but the output is getting more like the mainstream contemporary clean Scandinavian scene.
      Keep the buildings White and add some green touches, wrap the story up in colorcoded diagrams and ship the whole package in ad-man retorics and you get a winner.

  • WSBY


  • critique

    Big needs to start addressing things like materiality…

  • asdfaf

    PC load letter, anyone?

  • tommo from hcmc

    LOL at the structure diagram!

    clearly, BIG aren’t BIG on engineering. I can imagine one of my old university teachers strangling me over this ;)

  • @

    Cleverly devised solution to creating an education space that breeds interaction while still allowing a degree of autonomy. The central space and its relationship to the other parts is wonderful.

  • panza

    hmm … It seems like BIG are doing 2 type of bulidings recently : recycling good unused ideas (in arabic world and china) and some boaring buildings like this one.

    I mean, it is good, but just on a halfway to become a “fresh” BIG project

  • wava

    I’m always a big fan of BIG. Great works!!

  • http://zum.arquitectos@gmail.com José

    This one is quiet boring.

    • specimen

      I worked on PLOT (BIG+JDS) a few years ago i feel a sort of maturity in research but also so effiency in therms of diagrams. Really good job.

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  • bahareh

    jaleb bud ;-) tahghighe jalebi shod ke be ostadam neshun bedam.

  • Ana Rita M. Folgado

    anyone know if there are any jobs in the faroe islands? i’ve been searching and i can’t seem to find any architecture studio over there…

  • Gustav

    LOVE BIG work, this one is not amazing but its a clearly a nice sensitive project..!! yeah