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GD House / INOUTarchitettura

  • 01:00 - 7 October, 2013
GD House / INOUTarchitettura
Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura
Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura

Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura +22

  • Client

    Georgi Dimitrov
  • Collaborators

    Dejan Paskalov, Ljubica Budimovska, Blagoja Dimitrievmski
Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura
Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura

From the architect. GD house is located in a prestigious neighborhood of single family houses near Skopje. Its concept was defined by the conditions of the site and the program, requested by a couple with two children. It contains: a parking garage, a main house (with 3 bedrooms, a living room and a dining room, a studio, a closed kitchen and a big library), a swimming pool and a guest apartment (with a small fitness area).

Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura
Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura

1. The site
The site is approximately 2000 m2. It is a sort of rectangle with 40m on one side and 50m on the other, surrounded with ugly architecture. One of the main issues was organizing the plot in a way to form an introvert world secluded from the surroundings. It was decided to place the volumes (built and vegetation), along the perimeter, creating a big courtyard in the middle, to which the main functions of the house open. In the north and the west side it was positioned the house program; the south and east side become a mirror image of vegetation volumes enclosing the courtyard. Each side of the house offers a different level of privacy and relation to the outside space.

Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura
Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura

2. The architectural layout
As a sort of landscape, the architectural layout is generated by a serious of bands with east-west direction. Different ceiling heights characterize the various ambients of the house.
Starting from the north:
- The first band contains the main entrances, the pedestrian path and the car ramp leading to the underground parking garage.
- The second band contains a big library and the main path distributing the various ambient of the house (it functions as a thermic buffer from the cold air of the north)
- The third band with two different heights, emphasizes the distinction of the night zone from the day zone.
- The fourth band is a big open terrace framing the courtyard.
- The fifth band is the guest house.
Two closed volumes complete the composition: the kitchen box and the open-air fireplace.

Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura
Courtesy of INOUTarchitettura

3. The Materials
The materials that are used are part of the Macedonian local culture and consolidated building techniques. It was decided to use row concrete as a reference to the Macedonian most brilliant period in modern architecture, made by Kenzo Tange (after the terrible earthquake in the 1963) and the architecture of its Macedonian followers. It's the material that distinguishes as form other European capitals and still constitutes our urban landscape. The concrete has been cast on site, revealing a sedimental character of the material. The house’s outside appearance is enigmatic, entirely different from the houses in the neighborhood. The closed cubic forms with a street facade made of row casted concrete reveal nothing of the luxurious world inside. Only by entering the house, through the heavy wooden gate, one gets into an entirely different inner world – an oasis of tranquility, a living space that is generous and open, where inside and outside merge into each other.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Cite: "GD House / INOUTarchitettura" 07 Oct 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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ciara · October 09, 2013

For your information, Macedonia is a region in Greece. The name of the state the architect refers to is Republic of Macedonia, or Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia. Arc daily is a respectful site but should check though the validity of each article.

Prilep · October 09, 2013 12:29 PM

Ciara, this is not place for political statements. However, you have to be more specific to which region in Greece you refer, Central, Western or Eastern Macedonia and Trace? The name of a country (and a nation) is higher on a hierarchy than a name of a region or province within a country. And this house looks beautiful. I would love to see some interior photos.

Macedonian · October 09, 2013 10:14 AM

This is not a place to show frustrations. Macedonia in Macedonia, and Macedonia in Greece are neighbours, so its the same climate! It is warm and pleasant. And if you have energy efficient heating and money, you are OK in this perfect house :)

Croco Dile · October 08, 2013

Macedonia can have a few cold months in winter and monolithic concrete walls will do it ?


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