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As the trend of “going green” takes over society, concerns about carbon emission is constantly growing, making both architects and those not in the profession aware of the implications of their actions.  With their new installation, Alfio Bonanno and Christophe Cornubert have made a 27 foot cube of an actual ton of CO2.  Dubbed the “CO2 Cube”, the piece is a representation of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted each month by the average person in an industrialized country, or in the case of the United States, every two weeks.  The piece  will create a strong visual impact on those passing by the Saint Jørgen Lake in front of the Copenhagen Planetarium.

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The Cube will act as a multimedia installation, screening video footage, real time data and statistics, images, and smart solutions with a system developed by Obscura Digital. Supported by Millennium ART, the curator of UN conferences over the past several years, the project also has plans to install additional cubes in iconic locations all over the globe during the conference to share this educational installation with all.

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  • wangshiqi


  • Dustin

    Love the idea

  • Gary

    i don’t think water reflects that way..

  • Audric

    I was confused by the measurement given – 27 cubic feet to contain 1 metric tonne of CO2? It seems that they improperly converted from 8 cubic metres to imperial – it should be more like 283 cubic feet

  • Pierre Batbatian

    i love the idea :)

  • Pierre Batbatian

    amazing idea !

  • James Silvester

    Yep, Good idea that one!

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  • USB

    Interesting concept, but may I ask about the content and message? Where do they get this number of CO2 emitted? Does this include the carbon dioxide we exhale? Should we start taking shallower breathes? Not have that child we were planning? Being that I don’t own a car do I make half as much of CO2 or is this 27ft^3 cube not including the use of a car? Is this just a large propaganda poster made for the viewer to feel self-conscious (vs. “educate”) and act or is it to ask the viewer to stop breathing and die?

    • Dustin

      Its obviously the CO2 generated from industrial use, thats why they say industrial countries, and that the United States consumes double… Americans don’t breath twice as fast… they just drive around in their SUV’s and eat a bunch of mcdonalds.

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  • punjabi

    this is not architecture,no? this is graphic design. its different.not the same.