Darcons Headquarters / Arquitectura en Proceso


Architects: Arquitectura en Proceso
Location: Chihuahua,
Project Team: Jorge Cajiga, Raúl Rodríguez, Roberto Villarreal, Reyes Baeza
Structural Engineering: EASA construcciones
Project Managment: Urbanismo y Edificación Mexicana
Structural Design: Estructuristas y Consultores
Project Area: 1,406 sqm
Design Year: 2005
Construction Year: 2008
Photographs: Francisco Lubbert, Jorge Cajiga


The site is located at a suburban lot of a middle size city in northern Mexico. As one drives towards it and away from de city, the building appears aligned with the road as an arched gate of a medieval town: looking through it one gets the scenery of the rural fields that surround the city.

section 01
section 01

The building was conceived as a frame that captures part of the landscape and at the same time defines a plane that divides the intercity from the suburbs. The skin of the building plays a dual role: on one hand it is the transparent material that allows the view through it, and on the other hand, it is the opaque continuous skin that defines the shape of the frame and protects the interior from solar irradiance. This skin was manipulated in order to differentiate the public space from the internal activities of the company: the main reception and the costumer rooms are outside the envelope raised above the ground as a Piano Nobile and organized as self defined entities. The operation space is contained within the envelope and flows throughout the building in a three dimensional open plan that honors the hierarchical organization of the company. In order to solve the continuity of the circulation the mass of the building was divided in various transversal slices, each presenting an intentionally different profile and two of them defining the geometry of the north and south elevations. The sequential juncture of all the slices creates deviations and convergences between the internal operational route and the external costumer route.

plan 01
plan 01
plan 02
plan 02

The geometry of the volume is shaped according to a juxtaposition of three rotated orthogonal axis structures. This was primarily done in an effort to recreate the space complexity produced by a urban grid designed in the style of the 18th century. The west elevation also benefits from the rotated planes by casting shades onto itself and minimizing direct sun exposure.


The rule was meant to be broken at the main entrance where the opaque skin suddenly sift direction to frame a cantilevered volume that flies above the portico. This creates a gesture of urban scale to emphasize the hierarchy of the entrance and contain the atrium of the building prior to the stair flight.

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  • http://www.ballistamagazine.com ballistamagazine

    It would be great to see a site plan and some context photos to see how that 3-form juxtaposition (as a means to “recreate the space complexity produced by a urban grid”) translates into a rural suburban site…the form and treatment is seductive enough, but the context is curiously absent from both perspectives and plan. Fun-looking project though!

    • P.Burke

      totally agree with u. the site juxtaposition is useful. but still strong enough to attract my attention.

    • http://www.arqnp.com Roberto

      The town of Delicias was designed as a juxtaposition of grids, one rotated at 45° from the other with a couple concentric rings that circle downtown (a small scale interpretation of Lenfant’s design for Washington).
      There is also the rural irrigation channels that cross the city and disturbed the already complex grid of the city.
      The building location is one of several places at the town where all three grid layers meet.
      Although the geometry of the site is pretty regular, the way one approaches it is not.
      The building is located at the outskirts of the town so the immediate built context is composed of single story housing that fade out to the open farmland.

  • Alipasha

    fantastic .
    composition of forme and structure .

  • mARCo

    Very beatiful composition of shapes and volumes…it’s very attractive and bilanced…very great design!!!

  • alejandro

    Vientos! esta chido el edificio, y el choro, sólo restaría como dicen lineas atras unas plantas de conjunto y unas fotos más de lejos pa darse una idea del lugar, no conozco Chihuahua habra que ir. Felicidades, por cierto la idea de girar la reticula de la piel exterior del edificio es muy buena.

  • eunice

    nice composition~

  • Barry Hill

    whats with the buildings form? looks like a childs toy gone wrong

  • alaa

    plz can you give mw size ( height width) for darcons ?!