Residental Building 7-4 / Arhipolis


Architects: Arhipolis
Location: Split,
Architects in Charge: Neno Kezić, Nora Roje
Project Team: Neno Kezić, Nora Roje, Josip Katalinić, Matea Marinović
Structure: Grading-Projekt
Electrical: Elektro-klima projekt
Client: Elanija
Project Area: 9,000 sqm
Budget: 7,000,000 Euro
Project Year: 2006
Construction Year: 2007-2008

Žnjan_5-04 Žnjan_5-05 Žnjan_5-10 Žnjan_5-11

The masses, as defined by the master plan, form the U-shaped cross section with the mass of garage, and form a united whole. “Add-on” balconies dynamize the composition and represent a spatial extension of the mass. The reflection in folded balcony surfaces provides visual alternations to the structures appearance, depending on the time of the day and weather conditions.

balconies details
balconies details


At the same time, different shapes of balconies signify and creates unique appearance of the single balcony, identifying particular apartment.

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  • fz

    strava,pa je li ovaj normalan!!!
    Ovi balkoni !? metalne kade objesene na fasdadu

  • john avlakiotis

    At first I thought this was a 3D rendering.
    Sadly, it is a real building.
    I find it MONSTEROUS.

    • mARCo

      Monsterous in positive or in negative???

  • mARCo

    The used of metal in the balconies is a dimostretion of the material’s knowledge of the planner…it’s very good the mutable condition of the complex visual defined by the light exposition…

  • Second Rate

    Great interior Shots! Ummmmm…

  • pal

    That’s fine to see sometimes a house where the windows are over each other!

  • costa

    Oh my god ! What is this?
    This is what Croatia has to offer?
    Nightmare in metal sheets!

  • gesu

    Ho la sensazione che qualcuno non sa come usare i materiali!

  • gesu

    Ho la sensazione che qualcuno non sa
    Molto male

  • Mr. Cheap

    Only showing the outside is meaningless when it comes to architecture. Don’t publish this kind of rubbish.

  • Goldschmidt R

    Don’t worry mr, Cheap, this masterpice will can be watch at the Orodos soon ;)

  • ryan knock

    “At the same time, different shapes of balconies signify and creates unique appearance of the single balcony, identifying particular apartment.”

    yeah, I don’t need to give you the apartment number … mines the one that starts bending to the south at 8 feet.

    this is awful.

  • Thomas

    I bet all you whiners are architecture students. Reality will hit you guys very hard some day.

    • Second Rate

      No necessarily…been there doing that. If anything, we (the whiners) are so tired of working on projects where the only thing that seems to matter any longer is a skin job. I think the whiners have a right to whine about the direction of the discourse.

      • Second Rate

        *Not Necessarily

    • INawe

      What reality are YOU talking about? This building is so mundane and boring I think it is safe to say that most practicing can do much better than this project. The banality kills me.

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  • Doug

    Yikes – this looks like a Kafka-esque complex where you never get your bearings and snipers lay in wait. Imagine when it rains how the water will flow. I have a feeling its not pretty for more than a few of the occupants.