Romania Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo 2010

021The concept design competition for the Pavilion, “Exchange of Ideas”, was won by SC M&C Strategy Development who designed Greenopolis, “The green mega polis”. Name of the pavilion is term with universal meaning, metamorphosed in a fruit, the apple, which means health, knowledge, freshness, temptation, eternity. The surrounding Greenopolis landscape recreates principal elements of the nature (the lawn from the hills, rivers, grass).

The apple is divided in two parts: the main body from which is detached a slice, the secondary body. The inside architectural design has generous and multifunctional spaces, disposed on 5 floors and the access in Greenopolis follows a natural line which allows visiting all the modules without passing over any zone. Seen at Big Creative Industries. More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Romania Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo 2010" 30 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • ballistamagazine

    Hmmm…the metaphor may be too literal in this case. Also, the apple has various negative connotations, as in the biblical apple that ruined the garden which this proposal is attempting to replicate (i.e. the utopian Eden). That aside, the spaces are VERY generic (almost devastatingly so), but I suppose that is in keeping of the World Expo Pavilions. Exciting perspectives, look forward to seeing more of this project.

    • Dustin

      where in the bible does it say it was an apple?

    • alexander

      I’m from Romania and i’m sorry to see this. I keep believing this is a joke.
      I find the proposal inappropriate for this event, if i can call it architecture at all. The emphasis on the meaning that this fruit can have is puerile. I see it at best ironic, even if most likely the designer didn’t have irony in mind when he come up with the idea.
      An architecture that should represent an unique way of thinking shows a very bad understanding of what’s happening at a global level nowadays, and lacks any of the subtleties that architecture as a whole gathered along the … way.

      This is not how architecture is done here…

      • ina

        I am also from Romania and I couldn’t agree more, and I haven’t herd an argument that would back it up. It’s sad we don’t have any control over such things that supposedly “represent” us.

      • david

        a waste of time and money

      • Alex

        yeah … architecture in Romania is worst

  • frankz

    This expo is an architectural freakshow.

  • CJ

    mmm.. no

    • ert

      thats all you hav to say cristian .. i know this is terrible awful

  • mnlau

    Alex, I am also from RomaniaI I agree with you.

  • sw

    when this project is built it will single handedly discredit the profession of architecture.

  • Balkan


  • TBX

    I wonder how dizzy you can get by running down those spiral stairs…

    Also, the nighttime renders look pretty funky, but I doubt the building would have much effect during the daytime. A shiny green shell would just blend into the sky.

    Looks more like a failed attempt at a U2 stage to me.

  • difusoir

    I`m an architecture student here in Romania, and all I have left to say is “I am sorry”. Please take into consideration that this is not how we do or learn architecture here.

  • jijigua

    I want a bite… lol!

  • d

    i think it doesn`t matter what country you are from… unless from macau maybe.. but apple=building… greenopolis?
    its all a joke

  • Ju

    “The concept design competition for the Romania Pavilion, “Exchange of Ideas”, was won by SC M&C Strategy Development who designed Greenopolis, “The green mega polis”.”

    1 – They won, which means : some people approved this
    2 – The green mega polis = The green mega apple, BIG BRAINS
    3 – “…as in the biblical apple that ruined the garden”. Yeah, they really ruin the garden

    Conclusion: My Architect heart is dying.

  • anon

    oh wow. erm… what. wait, really? nevermind.

  • idid

    as a freaky side note, one of the four-strong jury which selected this project was ceausescu’s (romania’s second communist dictator: pet architect (here’s a highlight in case you miss it:

    • The Good Romanian

      The Parliament Palace was highlighted and admired as the Romanian Masterpiece and one of the greatest construction in the World by Cultural representative of European Union…have you ever been inside the building…?
      But to come back to the point, my son is in Shanghai in this moment and Romanian Pavillion in one of the attraction of this
      World Expo….Have you seen the Dutch Pavillion…that’s what I
      would call ugly.
      In no other nation in the World, people are throwing mud into
      each other like Romanians, so if you are a Romanian stop doing that and have a little pride.
      Thanks and have a great day,
      A good Romanian

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  • intenrautas

    ahahhahahahha…. sorry… can’t say anything more…

  • Dustin

    It is very… very bad.

  • Dustin

    By the way… why do most of the pavilions have building designs that are only well appreciated from a birds eye view? why don’t they design the experience for average joe on the ground who will not have a clue it is an apple. Same goes to many other pavilions like Macao.

    • Vera

      it’s true.i am an architecture student in lebanon. it might look appealling from an aerial view, but who the hell is gonna be flying that high?looks cute though:P


    This is a joke, right ?

  • Cesar Castro

    Seems the world expo is sharing the same urban planner than Ordos!!

  • eunice

    it’s like advertising

    • bobb.i

      exactly, at least shape it like the apple logo and make it white, than you might get some funding ^^ ;) ….

    • sullka

      That’s what I thought.

      Product placement. Steve Jobs couldn’t be happier.

  • Ad

    This is not about architecture. This is about corruption. MC Strategy bla-bla… is not an architectural practice but an obscure advertising agency linked to a media empire. They won the competition because there was no such thing. It wasn’t publicly announced, the jury members weren’t what they should be in such a case(ie architects recognised for their past work etc.) and the “winners” were the ones with the right connections. When the romanian architects found out about the hole story they filed a public protest to the Ministry of Culture and that’s all folks…

  • Jonjon


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  • alexander

    I heard about what AD is talking and it’s sad but true.
    As a romanian i would prefer to not have a pavilion than to have this … thing. Should it be a comity in Shanghai that can have the autority to approve or not the pavilions?

    • The Good Romanian

      Dear Alexandru, that’ your real name, am I wright….
      I’m living in North America for 15 years and I cannot belive
      Romanians are still ashame of each other and have no pride at all….
      After so many years of capitalism (that’s what we wanted)we are still wining and complainning about what we,the Romanians are doing…You will see that,the Romanian Pavillion
      in Shanghai will receive a lot of apreciations from the World…
      It’s already started and Romanian design it’s had captured a lot of attention by the World Media…so shut up and be proud you are Romanian. Coruption is all over the World, in highly civilized, industrialized countries, maybe you will learn that those guys in Romania are little children compare with what is happening in West….Throwing mud on your own people is very easy….so learn something and get rid of old habbits.
      All the best,
      A good Romanian

      • alexander

        beeing proud of my nation – that’s one lesson i would really like to learn. that’s one lesson i’m affraid is learned easyer by people that get out and manage to see the country in a broather perspective. and by that i mean, you emigrate because of the higher living conditions in other places but those came with a price [like everything] – you try and find your identity and you eventually turn back to the country you left and start developing nationalism/patriotism how ever you wanna call it. I’m trying to learn from this lesson even if i get tangled up in what things should be and what they really are.

        the success the pavilion is having is in my opinion because the simplistic nature of it is mistaken for simple one. simple things with simple meanings are ussualy more easy to accept and have an opinion about because they accept huge amouth of deviation and abstratization.[for instance i could see in the romanian pavilion as it is this year in shanghai a harsh critique on the eco way of buildings things, or exactly the oposite, there's nothing that tells me i'm wrong in whatever i like to think about it, you could say that this is exactly that the one that came up with the idea wanted, baseing it's design exactly on the diversity of perception and the individual impresion of it, i strongly doubt that]. architecture’s journey into the abstract has it’s downfalls…

        i hope i wasn’t to harsh [not my intention].

      • romanian architecture student

        my dearest good romanian,

        where was your so called pride 16 years ago when you left for america? were you trying to see the bigger picture just like you claim you are doing nowadays?

        the bigger picture is not that we are wining or that we are ashamed of ourselves, of our people. the bigger picture is that THIS IS NOT ARCHITECTURE! it is just an apple(and a really green one) at a larger scale.

        nevertheless, would you live in an apple house?

        nevertheless, even if the concept was great, and it all began with an apple, the project is not finished

  • Goldschmidt R

    Alexander, te inteleg, dar sti bine ca prin asta ne-am facut destul de tare de rasul curcilor, dar incearca sa treci peste. Macar stiu ca tu ai fi venit cu o idee mult mai geniala, deca un apple si 1/2. Asta e.

  • ion

    stim cu totii cum se castiga concursurile pe la noi.
    nu inteleg de ce a aparut pe site.

    translation: it is well known how competitions are won in romania. i do not understand why this someone would post this.

  • orangeopolis

    it’s rubbish…
    they should have gone with the orange

  • Goldschmidt R

    Ion, aici au aparut cam toate pavilioanele lumi, se pare ca al nostru este de departe cel mai prost :)).
    Translation :Ion, here, on this site, all the pavilion of the world are presented, but you can see that our is the ugliest ever made :))