Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au

© Armin Hess, Isochrom

Coop Himmelb(l)au has designed a temporary mobile performance space for the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, Germany.  The will house performances during the annual Opera Festival  in 2010, and once that festival is over, the will be reassembled in various locations.  Designed to “give the impression of a quieter environment,” the reduces the apparent noise  to create a ‘zone of silence’ where visitors can sense a change in the soundscape.

More images and more about the pavilion after the break.

© Armin Hess, Isochrom

The pavilion’s form, and its material cladding, collects and deflects the sounds of the busy plaza.   The spatial structure acts as a ‘transformer’ that changes visitors’ perceptions and sensations of the soundscape and music on the plaza around the pavilion and inside the performance space.

untitkled© Armin Hess, Isochrom
© Markus Pillhofer
© Markus Pillhofer
© Markus Pillhofer
© Markus Pillhofer
© Markus Pillhofer

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Project Information
pavilion 21 mini opera space, munich, germany 2008 – 2010 (in planning)

client: the bavarian state opera munich, germany
floor area: 560 meters squared (gross area)
site area: 1.790 meters squared
net area: 430 meters squared
gross area: 560 meters squared
footprint: 560 meters squared
volume: 4.350 metes squared

height: 12.5m
length: 38.5m
width: 25.5m

project team:
design principal: wolf d. prix
project partner: paul kath
project architect: volker kilian
design architect: sophie grell
project team: martin jelinek, daniela krohnert, valerie messini, judith mussel,
martin neumann, renate weissenbock
models: sebastian buchta, paul hoszowski

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au" 19 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
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    Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au: © Armin Hess, Isochrom Coop Himmelb(l)au has designed a temporary mobile perf..

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    Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au: © Armin Hess, Isochrom Coop Himmelb(l)au has designed a temporary mobile perf..

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  • Victor Locatelli

    RT @archdaily: Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au

  • GoP

    I dont exactly know what it looks inside(except for the one shot) but the form is just boring!

  • plots

    not really a fan of coop’s work but I kind of like this, which is particularly strange since it’s so obviously a CV extrusion from a polygon box in maya.

    I think there’s more latitude for a pavilion to just be an interesting aesthetic shape, that particular program allows for something to be more sculptural than architectural (not that the two are mutually exclusive).

    I do wonder how the acoustics function within the performance space though with all those projections on the interior surface and the overall shape of the performance space

  • mimar

    is it really that, what architecture has come down to? it’s like architecture is begging for attention! but with what and also what for?

    do i really have to dye my hair pink and wear it spiky to make people believe i am an interesting character?

    • dylan

      i think it is called deconstructivism.

    • ren

      why did u say thing like that? is it because they are better designers than you.

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  • Adrem

    Is this silvery grenade explosion-like thing really meant to «“give the impression of a quieter environment”»?.

    • zack

      The way that it (insert whatever adjective you want here) explodes from the concert space while leaving said space hidden and introverted makes me feel as though it would be a strong experience going inside this building. Especially within the context of the surrounding built environment.
      Unless of course you see the style of deconstruction on the exterior and immediately label it as being too “libeskind”, and let that preconception color your experience of the space.

  • Yoav Ickowicz

    I love cystals – Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au:

  • Jonathan Brown

    This is downright conservative for Prix – Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au: #contemporary #architecture #design #in

  • cad

    Superman Pavillion

  • Joshua

    Ohmy! what a nice addition to Daniel Libeskind’s portfolio!

  • larry king

    ….just another arrogant nonsense sh.t.

  • z99

    please elaborate.

    please don’t just say something is “boring”.

    please talk like a real designer.

    please talk architecture.

    • ren


  • snuffaluffagus

    the mini danny libes style shards add nothing to the spatial experience. sloppy, superficial form making that has to make last minute half baked excuses for itself.

  • Panus D.

    RT @archdaily: Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au <<สมัยเรียน คนนี้คือไอดอลของนักศึกษาถาปัด

  • Ralph Kent

    never mind the generic, early 1990s deconstructivist,. done-to-death design – i just wish this mob could finally get around to deciding if they want that “L” in their name or not.

    • robert c

      I suppose you need to speak german to understand the meaning of the ‘L’

      loosely translated it is the ‘co-operative of the blue sky’ (with the L included) and ‘co-operative of the sky build’ (without it)

      not very interesting, but it is an explanation of sorts

  • Pedro

    Concept: can’t read it.
    Shape: confusing, aesthetically poor.
    Integration in the surrounding environment???Please, talk serious!!
    Audithorium: with such an explosion of “something” in the outside you should expect that the interior would be somehow revealing of that atitude…WRONG!!!!It´a box with pyramides atached to some of the walls…


    Can’t see the interest on this building…it’s just a big pile of….supposed originality…

  • Ingrid

    Agree with Pedro.

  • IDVN

    RT @archdaily: Pavillion 21 / Coop Himmelb(l)au

  • fruggg

    When will the himmelbaus learn that their spikes are a stilistical gimmick and not a “concept”.

  • luiz felipe

    seems like nothing…

  • Rzepa

    a poor student design

  • shiv

    you can never say whether the design is boring or not untill you have made any masterpiece or you are a wizard…coop himmelblue is known for its deconstructivism and its really a unique style of architecture…in the case of seconstructivism it’s always difficult to digest the form untill you have learned it’s plan and interior spaces…such good architects don’t make such crazy and dramatic shapes without giving justification to it…so using the word boring is really poor thing atleast for me…if you can’t respect the architecture atleast it better not to talk instead of criticizing i without any reason…..

    • da

      Actually; you can say if a design is boring, pre-masterpiece or wizardry, Shiv.
      Thats kinda the whole point of this website. It exposes architecture and opens a critical forum to the great uneducated, unwashed masses – just as the buildings themselves will be.

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