Alviaes House / Materia Modular

© Orlando Fonseca
© Orlando Fonseca

Architects: Matéria Modular
Location: Alviães, Palmaz, concelho de Oliveira de Azeméis,
Project team: Adelino Pinheiro, Marco Ferreira, Maria José Matos, Pedro Ribeiro, Zita Torres
Client: Alfredo Couto dos Santos
Thermal efficiency engineer: Marília Sousa
Pipeline engineer: Susana Tomás
Mechanical engineer: Gonçalo Machado
Structural engineer: Adolfo Ferreira
Project year: 2001
Construction period: 2004-2009
Constructed area: 578,70 sqm
Photographs: Orlando Fonseca

© Orlando Fonseca © Orlando Fonseca © Orlando Fonseca © Orlando Fonseca

This project is related to a single-family detached home developed in an area designated as “Forest Space”. The project considers the environmental characteristics and the remote horizontal line where it can be seen Ria de Aveiro, a river stream.

© Orlando Fonseca
© Orlando Fonseca

The project contains a vast program in a contemporary language, considering an implanting area of 271 sqm. It develops in two volumes, both intersecting, one of higher dimensions, with two floors, and one of smaller scale, with a single floor.

First floor Plan
First floor Plan

The ground floor of the higher volume is dedicated to the social area of the house and also contains a garage for two cars. The upper level is reserved for the private area of the family.

The smaller volume has the remaining part of the requested program, which basically contemplates the game room, an interior swimming pool and a Turkish bath room.

© Orlando Fonseca
© Orlando Fonseca

In the area surrounding the house, it was developed a platform that expands the areas related to the living-room and the kitchen, and from which there is an access to the exterior swimming pool that enables a full contemplation of the distant but magnificent view of Aveiro.

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  • daniel

    my last comment on this site was about that white house in greece . the comments people left compared the project to richard meiers way of design . it had such poor detailing . it realy had nothing to do with good architecture .
    here on the other hand is a very good example of great design + layout + detailing .
    now this is what i consider an architects project .
    very impresive work !!!

  • cad

    Nice house, bad lighting.

  • gn

    why is archdaily taking out people’s comments? then what is this place for?

  • Pedro

    I think this is very poor but expensive architecture, with a great deal of bad taste… VEry superficial, without any kind of emotion, intention…

  • Damien

    I agree with pedro… how is it possible to design a house that needs to have it´s lights on during daytime on the 21st century? besides the volumes have no dialogue between each other… what´s the concept?

  • bshi

    i feel no sense of proportion here.
    bunch of pretty looking materials stuck together

  • MagMaz

    Stunning work with lights! With such a dark night, it’s obvious that the designed light games are accomplished!
    Clean, Simple and Strong Architecture!
    I only wish there were some more day photos with the forest surrounding the house!

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