Erik Schlangen Demonstrates the Potential of “Self-Healing Asphalt”

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Imagine a pervious that not only significantly reduces noise pollution, but saves millions in maintenance and repairs by its ability to self-heal. Well, this type of super- is not far from being distributed world-wide as experimental micromechanic pioneer Erik Schlangen of has been studying the material’s potential on a test track in The Netherland’s for the past few years.

Basically, with the introduction of small steel wool fibers, Self Healing Asphalt is capable of repairing micro-cracks and significantly extending the service life of roadways by self-healing through induction heating. Similarly, Schlangen is leading the research on Self Healing Concrete, where by infusing concrete with a harmless limestone-producing bacteria that feeds off of calcium lactate – a component of milk – the material has the potential to self-heal micro-cracks in the presence of rainwater.

Courtesy of Delft University
Test Strip on A58 near Vlissingen in The Netherlands
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