Herzog & de Meuron’s Latest Tower: Jade Signature

  • 04 Aug 2013
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Fortune International has released images of a 57-story, -designed residential tower in Miami. With interiors by Parisian firm PYR and landscape by Raymond Jungles, the Jade Signature promises to bring high design to Sunny Isles, . Described as “contemporary houses in the sky,” units will feature ample outdoor terrace space and large windows to frame views of the horizon. Six Sky Villas feature double height living areas and the two Signature penthouses each boast 360-degree views and a large terrace pool.

More images of Jade Signature and a video after the break…

© Jade Signature

Christine Binswanger, Senior Partner with Herzog & de Meuron, said “We created deep terraces and living rooms that have simultaneous views to the ocean in the east and to the Intracoastal to the west. We designed common areas to be on the ground level, connected with the beach, just as they were originally conceived for the beachfront hotels that have drawn people to Miami since the early 20th Century.”

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Binswanger describes the form of the building as “quiet,” saying, “In this tower, the details are making the architectural identity. Primary elements, such as cantilevering floor slabs together with walls projecting from inside-out, create a finely textured expression on the façade.”

© Jade Signature
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  • fedd

    Dig your own grave stararchs.

  • Andrew Sattui

    really HM?

  • Sowlo

    Beach design.

  • Johhny

    Inexcusably boring and ugly.

  • Jake Groth

    So do my neighbors get to view through my apartment…?

    • Seej

      Yes, and if you can afford this you can also afford blinds that roll down at the touch of a bottom on your iPad when you don’t want to see the amazing view and need some private freaky time

  • Jiri

    Funny. It looks exactly the same as another buildings on the beach. At least in the video views from the ocean.

  • Fer

    What about hurracaines?

  • Booh

    You don’t plan for hurricane shutters until Design Development… Obviously something can be developed for covering the windows during a storm; that apartment has to sell for millions.. Plus… I haven’t really heard of Concrete framed buildings blowing away during windstorms. What would happen is a boat might end up in your living room; but whatever. It’s Florida.

  • Rizky Muzakir

    My grandma can design something better

    • mathieu feigelson

      my son too

  • atef Tabet

    Looks like architecture today is suffering from “BRANDING + FASHION”… twisting columns , tilting glass rail, sliding glass acrobatics.. architects designing packages or cologne bottles, however the cologne smells very ordinary.

  • Urbananite

    It looks like a taller regurgitation of their carpark in Miami

    • Agustín

      HAHAHA, you sir, have made my day

  • Farid Apandi

    Looks more like it is in Phnom Penh rather than Miami :-)

  • Michael

    So much negative criticism. Not every project in an architect’s portfolio is going to be cutting edge, avante-guarde. This tower is a nice, subdued take on the guadi art-deco buildings of Miami’s past.

    • Donatello Anconia

      I think the negative criticism is coming from an expectation many archinetizens have of certain architects, which is an expectation perpetuated by architecture image conscious sites such as archdaily. When such sites fail to meet these archinetizens expectations, the archinetizens criticize the fact their expectations were not met. What would be beneficial to the discipline of architecture is not a critique of this microcosm of negative criticism, but a critique of why archinetizens are in a constant need for progressive architectural images and how this relates to Architecture.

  • Ed

    Hey H&M, the year 1956 called, and they want their design back….

  • Toussaint Jimenez

    in front of the beach, so close of the Water ? What happen? its an nonviable project i guess H&D made a mistake choosing this project to develop. the front line of a Beach will never be touched by any Urban Project this is a fact

  • SMA

    How the mighty have fallen. There are hundreds of apartment blocks not unlike this in FL. H+M have maybe lost their edge and become just another up-market commercial firm with this stuff?

  • Hector

    I like the way it relates to its natural and urban environment.

  • mathieu feigelson


  • archilocus

    I can understand the concept behind, and though i find interesting that a large firm like H&dM keep building housing programs(which a lot of starchitects seems to avoid as soon as they can), the result is quite disappointing.

  • rachid


  • Agustín

    This building is something bad… baaaaaaad… baaaaaaad