4 Porches and 4 Skylights House / Ferran Vizoso + Jesús Cardona

  • 20 Jun 2013
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© José Hevia

Architects: Ferran Vizoso, Jesús Cardona
Location: Menorca, Islas Baleares,
Area: 145 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: José Hevia

Collaborators: Xosé Domínguez, René Guder
Technical Architects: Juan Cardona
Construction: Inversiones y promociones inmobiliarias
Roof Surface: 162 sqm
Interior Surface: 106 sqm
Budget: 223,340 €
Cost: 1,530 €/sqm

© José Hevia

The clients asked for a house that had to be close from the outside but open from the inside. Had to have introverted facades, to maintain the privacy of their adjacent plot, but at the same time generous views towards all its carefully landscaped perimeter.

© José Hevia

Four triangular porches solved the paradoxical demand due to the “inverted funnel effect” of their walls, a shape able to simultaneously offer wide views from the inside and massive facades from the outside. The solution “dislocated” the geometry of the whole plan and generated very rich visual relations in between the house and the garden.

© José Hevia

When the big sliding doors are open, hided into the walls, the four triangular outdoor areas connect each other and the interior becomes one only great porch, a big shadow in between four intimate “pavilions” (the three bedrooms and the sitting room) with the constant presence of the changing daylight and the garden views.

© José Hevia

In the bathrooms, through triangular skylights with mirrors on two of their three sides, the sun light descends causing surprising kaleidoscopic reflections. With all this, the residence becomes a comfortable and protected “interior” not being “in front of” or “by the” nature, but absolutely surrounded by it.

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  • Croco Dile

    I understand the idea, just I wonder why the result looks a bit conventional. Why not a few surprizes to make it special ?