Amalia House / GRID Architects

Architects: GRID Architekten GmbH Luxemburg-Wien – Gerhard Klocker, Ric Thill, Isabella Straus
Location: Styria,
Function: Holiday Cabin
Construction year: May 2007 – August 2007
Site Area: 480 sqm
Constructed Area: 68.12 sqm
Construction: Prefabricated / Artificial Grass
Photographs: Lukas Schaller

Amalia -named after the grandmother of her owners -is a holiday cabin to host family members spread all over austria.

Located on top of a hill in Styria, overlooking the valley of Kirchbach Amalia offers space for up to six people, without having to spare any comfort.

Organised in 2 levels, one of them split, she lets the landscape float in and gives view to her surrounding from everywhere within.

To give tribute to the nature around her and maximize the interchange between inside and outside, the house is completely covered with artificial grass -with only the windows left out.

Amalia is the first artificial grass camouflage building in Austria.

Cite: "Amalia House / GRID Architects" 14 Jul 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    it’s sure the building’s form is interesting!

    But one question:
    when you say :”maximize the interchange between inside and outside” can you be a bit more explicit?
    this material is isolation or has the capacitiy to keep the warm or the cold of the buildiing?

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    this GRASS HOUSE was featured in high times! i just can’t get into astro-turf. i’m not sure this building pulls off the artificial grass and it would have “maximized the interchange between inside and outside” better if there was an artificial lawn as well … but then there’d be MORE astro-turf :(

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    I am a journalist working for internews, a UK news agency. We provide topical stories and pictures to the media over here.
    Your unique holiday cabin with astroturf cladding would make
    an interesting story for us. May we please have a some hi-res images – and more information about its construction.
    Later, we will send you copies of anything published.
    Many thanks
    Len Adams/Writer

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    i am not sure about this fake material, artificial grass?! so it is made of plastic or rubber? it is just something looks like gold but actually some iron cheap metal covered by a layer of gold veneer. Green building does not literally refer to green color building, right? if you like the texture, when just leave it as some neutral color like grey, authentic to the original material?

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    love the eames chair featured in some of the photos. would really prefer if it was REAL GRASS though. I do not think this is a green building as it only appears so in colour, neglecting function.

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    nice simple project, although the poor facade material leads to poor facade detailing…

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    that’s a good way to have remarkable with the landscape around by its shape. but using artifical grass, i think that is not effect.

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    I really don’t get the idea of artificial grass… why? it would be perfect with “natural” vegetation… its even better for isolation and uv rays absortion than synthetic materials… and more real to the environment…

    great interior and composition by the way… but again… plastic grass!!! no no no

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