Bu Yeon Dang / IROJE KHM Architects


Architect: HyoMan Kim – IROJE KHM Architects
Location: Sungmam, Gyeounggi-do,
Design team: Su Mi Jung, Jung Min Oh
Structure designer: Guang Min Jun
Site area: 330 sqm
Bldg. area: 168.52 sqm
Gross floor area: 296.03 sqm
Photographer: JongOh Kim

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Maximizing landuse

This site that is located in city have the surrounding context of country and that is an inclined and an irregular form of land.

In order to maximize the efficiency of landuse, the irregular form of site was converted to the form of architecture.

site plan

As a result, the shape of site became the shape of architecture.

Complex use

This house is a complex place with living and working.

Because of setting the boundary of house and office, we separated this building into upper layer and underground layer which is able to separate the gate of house and office along the level of inclined access road.


Natural flow with skipfloor system

Skip floor system that ease the psychological burden of vertical mobility maintain the dramatic promenade with producing the visual and spatial continuity.

Floating bamboo garden

Floating wooden boxes built-in small bamboo garden on the open space in each level, are dynamic and accidental program of space and this scenery of inner space is the major impression of this complex house.


Dramatic sequence of vertical story of exterior space

By landscaping all of the rooftop of this house, the dramatic exterior space that is composed of various type of the space, from underground level to rooftop level, are combined with dynamic indoor space and surrounding scenery of nature, and produced the rich story of space.

Architectural Nature

With the intent to harmony with the surrounding context of nature, flexible configuration of internal space, architecturizing the curved line of site, the vocabulary of architectural form made the non-architectural shaped architecture. As if “architectural nature”, covered with curved copper skin.

Cite: "Bu Yeon Dang / IROJE KHM Architects" 26 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=38464>
  • Lucas

    I really like this house. Nice use of enviornment throughout the house including very interesting views.

  • leogeo

    the garden is terrific and the use of materials in the interior is nice. I wonder though if such a dynamic ceiling might drive me a little crazy after a while.

  • Marco

    This is just c**p. I have never seen such an ignorant design… Everything in this house is just meaningless (like the water pipe drainage running inside the house)… What the hell these guys are doing?! Even the architectural drawings are expressing their low level design capacity.

    Please do not publish anymore projects from this office!

    • Conrad

      I agree with Marco. Poor use of space due to the fact that to many non-essential elements were incorporated within. The result makes the entire project seem cluttered. Too busy for my eyes.

    • shaun

      I disagree completely. Aside from the geographic context, there is a logic to the stepped levels and indoor/outdoor spaces evident in the drawings. It’s whimsical, but I don’t think its crap.

    • S

      I only can see a chimney not a water pipe.
      Can you actually read the pictures and drawings?
      You are c**p.
      Please you do not comment anymore unless you can read the projects

      • Marco

        thank you for insulting me, did u take my comment as something personal?! maybe you are one of the designers?! BTW, in the previous comment I was commenting about the design only.

        yeah! that’s a chimney, but it doesn’t make so much difference. it’s a pipe running inside the house in a really stupid way. why u should make it like that? (such an anti-architectural choice).
        At the end this project is just an hugely maximal juxtaposition of many things. Even, the choices of detailing are horrible!
        However, these comments are turning more into a ridiculous Youtube replay than something appropriate for Archdaily… probably my fault! In any case, I could not resist to comment when I saw such an hilarious design.

        P.s. please, next time commenting only on the project and leave personal insults in your brain. I will appreciate that!

      • tony

        The drawings look like they create really appealing space, but just because something looks good in plan, section, or elevation does not make it a good project…

        …there are three dimensions, and it looks like this firm only works in two. There needs to be some sort of unity between the spaces, each form that creates one space seems to destroy another

    • scottmft

      i agree somewhat…however, i was sold on the project from the roof treatment…open, dynamic, interesting…this project would probably be better if the ground plane to the roofline was simplified and it gathered most of its energy from the top down…i am not crazy about most of this project but the roof space on down is amazing…agree/disagree?

    • public eye

      Right, you have never heard of the sound of rainwater dripping into the pipe. It is quite fascinating. I had that kind of rain pipe exposed in the loft of my former office.

    • tony

      i agree, who gave these guys a license?

      this firm is driving me crazy, it looks like every space, every wall, every piece of everything is unresolved. There are ways to not have continuity without random placement of forms and objects. I really want to know what their design theory is.

  • Diederik

    Is this a project for the blind?! O_O

  • Myungjin

    don’ like it. no no

  • http://www.topinteriordesigning.com dwi wahyono

    Congretulation the design

  • Wuxus

    I like it, specially the garden, but the interior seems… caotic, maybe because I’m a kind of claustrophobic!

  • Malcolm DeWittle

    I have claustrophilia. This project looks great!

  • John

    daring project

  • Damien

    Why so many useless stuff? lack of clarity… do you people really think that nowadays the weirder is the better? So many things that make the project confusing. It´s real purpose is to call attention? or is it for living? I would guess a house is ment for living, but with this one i´m not sure. sorry but I really don´t understand it…

    • S

      As it says above, this building is for both living and working.
      There is office area.

  • Amir

    If that’s design, what is nonsense?

  • nin

    this is love or hate design. i love it.

  • limil

    “In order to maximize the efficiency of landuse”… you shouldn’t have anymore catwalks.

  • PB

    I have to say I like it, but I’m not exactly sure how it would work. The interiors are beautiful, but I agree with previous posters, chaotic. I’d really like to visit it.

  • http://www.sunflowerdesigns.hu/ Andrew Geber

    its making my head hurt
    which is good

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  • Reshman

    wow, magnificent work

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  • ellen

    Ever since I saw this house in You’re Beautiful drama (although it was modified in the drama) it became my dream house. I really love the interior architecture esp the garden.