V23K16 / Pasel.Kuenzel

© Marcel van der Burg
© Marcel van der Burg

Architects: Pasel.Kuenzel Architects
Location: Leiden,
Project Area: 170 sqm
Project year: 2004-2009
Photographer: Marcel van der Burg

© Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg © Marcel van der Burg


Design for a private house in a master plan by MVRDV on a former industrial area in the centre of Leiden. By introducing a compact service zone on one side of the house, the design offers a maximum of light and flexibility to the living spaces.

© Marcel van der Burg
© Marcel van der Burg
Cite: "V23K16 / Pasel.Kuenzel" 25 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=38289>


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    Ülilahe maja! Very cool, little, simple, functional, nicely proportioned, all basic need is fulfilled – greenery, sundeck, different rooms separated by function. Even nice inner airspace is created. Contemporary exteriour materials are used.

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      don’t you think the bed is way to high to avoid falling off while asleep for some ‘agile’ sleeper.

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        Now I’m obviously misleaded – perhaps I didn’t understand the room explication :( Where are the beds, which are too high for little girls, indicated on drawings or photos? And where from do You get, it’s a girl? Seem’s like I’havent seen all the photos or data…

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        I’m with Enn, what girl? And now that you mention it, what bed?

        Interesting how architectural photography tends to focus on capturing cool shapes and colors and less on how the room functions.

        Pretty slick design though. I would live there.

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    nice clean simple project, but what’s the deal with all the cheese-graters in the interior spaces?

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    I’ve only seen this house and the neighbouring from him – and I find they are misteriously beautiful.

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