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Marcel van der Burg


Vaccinopolis Center / Proof of the sum

© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg+ 29

OurDomain Student Housing / OZ Architects

© Marcel van der Burg© Mark Kuipers© Valentijn Kortekaas© Valentijn Kortekaas+ 37

Haasje Over Apartments / VMX Architects

© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg+ 31

Material Passports: How Embedded Data Can Rethink Architecture and Design

Too often buildings end up as waste at the end of their lifecycle. How can the built environment move towards a circular economy, and in turn, reimagine how valuable materials are tracked and recycled? Looking to address this issue, material passports are one idea that involves rethinking how materials are recovered during renovation and demolition for reuse. The result is when a building is ready to be demolished, it becomes a storage bank for useful materials.

BlueCity. Image © Frank HanswijkAlliander HQ / RAU architects. Image © Marcel van der BurgTriodos Bank / RAU Architects. Image © Bert RietbergTriodos Bank / RAU Architects. Image © Bert Rietberg+ 7

Community Car Park A1 / XVW architectuur

© Isabelle Nabuurs© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg+ 12

Pontsteiger Residential Building / Arons en Gelauff architecten

© Jeroen MuschCourtesy of Ossip van Duivenbode© Jeroen Musch© Jeroen Musch+ 40

Olfactory Comfort in Architecture and the Impact of Odors on Well-Being

Cooking shows have never been more popular around the world than they are now. Whether from recipes, reality shows, or documentaries, writer Michael Pollan points out that it is not uncommon to spend more time watching than preparing our own food. This is a very curious phenomenon, as we can only imagine the tastes and smells on the other side of the screen, which the presenters often like to remind us. At the same time, when we watch something about the Middle Ages, polluted rivers, or nuclear disasters, we are relieved that there is no technology to transmit smells across the screen. In fact, when dealing with odors (more specifically the bad ones), we know how unpleasant it is to be in a space that doesn't smell good. When dealing with buildings, what are the main sources of bad smells and how can this affect our health and well-being?

Residence Hoge Dennen / Engel Architecten

© Luuk Kramer© Marcel van der Burg© Luuk Kramer© Luuk Kramer+ 36

School Architecture: Examples in Plan and Section

For architects, schools are often complex structures to design. They must provide a variety of spaces for education, and also consider sports and recreational activities. But beyond its size or surface, the greatest challenge is to design an area that fosters a positive pedagogical environment for children. Below, a selection of +70 school projects with their drawings to inspire your proposals for learning campuses.

Butterfly Effect: 4 Principles for Fighting Global Issues Through Architecture

In a predominately urban world that constantly has to deal with complex problems such as waste generation, water scarcity, natural disasters, air pollution, and even the spread of disease, it is impossible to ignore the impact of human activity on the environment. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and it is urgent that we find ways to slow down the process, at the very least. Toward this end, our production, consumption, and construction habits will have to change, or climate change and environmental degradation will continue to diminish the quality and duration of our lives and that of future generations.

Although they seem intangible and distant, these various energy inefficiencies and waste issues are much closer than we can imagine, present in the buildings we use on a daily basis. As architects, this problem is further amplified as we deal daily with design decisions and material specifications. In other words, our decisions really do have a global impact. How can we use design to create a healthier future for our world?

Forum Groningen Multifunctional Building / NL Architects

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What is Glued Laminated Wood (Glulam)?

Glued Laminated Wood (Glulam) is a structural material manufactured through the union of individual wood segments. When glued with industrial adhesives (usually Melamine or Polyurethane resin adhesives), this type of wood is highly durable and moisture resistant, capable of generating large pieces and unique shapes.

Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge / GEC Architecture. Image © Adam MorkThe Roof House / MILODAMALO. Image © Ilya IvanovCasey Key Guest House / Sweet Sparkman Architects. Image © George CottWooden House / MAATworks. Image © Marcel van der Burg+ 15

Blue House / BETA office for architecture and the city

© Marcel van der Burg
© Marcel van der Burg

© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg© Marcel van der Burg+ 18

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Klencke / NL Architects

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