Micro-house / Studio Liu Lubin

Courtesy of

Architects: Studio Liu Lubin
Location: , China
Project Team: Liu Lubin, Wang Lin, Weng Jia, Wang Xiaofeng, Wan Li, Liang YIfan, Zhao Ye
Constructor: Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua University CO.LTD Nanjing University Of Technology Advanced Engineering Composites Research Center
Photographs: Courtesy of Studio Liu Lubin

Courtesy of Studio Liu Lubin

The Micro-house is based on the minimum space people need for basic indoor movement, such as sitting, laying and standing. The form of the Micro-house is designed to act as a combination of furniture and architecture elements. When being rotated, the unit of the Micro house will shift its space which contains all kinds of housing activities, such as resting, working, washing and cooking, etc. The Micro house unit can not only be used as single- functional room, but also can be grouped together as a housing suite, or even residential cluster.

Courtesy of Studio Liu Lubin

The main material of the Micro-house is the Fiber Reinforced Form Composite Structure, which is light but strong. In this case, the Micro-house unit can be easily lift and assembled by hand. For the convenience of transportation and replacement, the size of the unit is designed as the size of containers.

Courtesy of Studio Liu Lubin

The Micro-house makes it possible for people to have private housing product under current Chinese land policy.

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  • Croco Dile

    One more experiment that leads nowhere.

    • kitten

      I think these kind of projects are fascinating and necessary for example for people to live in space one day. If we think ahead a hundred years, it is well possible that we will inhabit other planets or moons. Finding the minimum comfortable level of living space and amenities for a large population is valuable research that should take place here on Earth and well in advance.

  • kim

    In the future in China, people would have to fit in these cubicles. After staking people in rows of few kilometer long in factories, people would have to have their home stack like bricks. They would be autorised to have 1 kid and no more. Poeple would have to live with only minimal things, minimum number of mandarin characters, minimum food, minimum space for living, minimum books, minimum needs but maximum productivity. Belcome to a brave new future for China!

    • Croco Dile

      You think the dictatorship will be even worse than now ?

  • crocs alice


  • rendodge

    The + cross section is interesting, it allows room to stand and provides workspace on either side. This would increase efficiency of living; always there is a table, a counter, a desk, a nightstand, etc.. close at hand. It is a development of modular housing which references many successful cargo-container based dwellings.

    • Croco Dile

      Living is not about efficiency….. people have feelings too.

  • arsalan afshar

    why?! :|

  • Neil

    Where is the HVAC, The toilet?
    What is the R value of the walls?
    Cost per square foot for construction?
    Structural integrity in a storm?
    what is to prevent eventual bowing of the structure?
    will sunlight decompose the resin?

    better a home of light weight prefab concrete than this