Aurora Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo 2010

21629Chinese jade culture through its 8,000-year history will take center stage at the Taiwan-based Aurora Group’s Expo 2010 Pavilion. Jade symbolizes the national character such as gentleness, perseverance and the pursuit of peace, and the Expo will provide a platform to help promote such hopes, Tan Baijuan, deputy director of the pavilion, said yesterday while unveiling the design.

The pavilion will feature rare exhibits such as a piece of 2.5-ton jade and Beijing Olympic medals made of fine jade from the Kunlun Mountains in Northwest ’s Qinghai Province.

The theatre inside the pavilion will show Chinese myths and about 30 rare jade relics from the Aurora Museum will also be exhibited. The biggest challenge now is to squeeze the soul of jade’s history spanning thousands of years into a short journey of 20 minutes, said Tan. More images after the break.

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  • john avlakiotis

    This is a disaster. Why do I need to know about this my dear Arch Daily?

    • tbc

      I think the main purpose of World Expo not only for the Arch design. They focus on the contents inside. It’s 6 months temporary building. It is simple and safe.

  • Finas

    I would say this would look fine, if the Inca idol thing was to be suddenly knocked off the roof. What is it, and what is its justification to be there?

    • tbc

      Ha, Ha, It’s 6500 years old jade sculpture. Found out at Red Mountain, Mongolia. Ritual supplies, the original size about 200mm. I think they want to capture peoples eye sight.

  • Timothy

    It is clear that this project has been conceived for the re-use of the building for the time after the expo is over: a blunt and anonymous office-type-manufacturing hall, which will be clothed with a “nice” skin during the expo. Wouldn’t be surprised if the chinese are constructing this in 2 months… That’s what i call: “out of the box”-thinking!

    • tbc

      indeed, but I knew they will destroyed the building after expo.

  • amonle

    This expo needs to stay online and in 3D only. It’s the greenest solution, and will spare us from the waste involved in constructing so many disasters.

    • Ricardo Stanzani

      totally agreed

  • Juni

    And then, he threw out…

  • robert

    looks like a supermarket to me…

    • Juni

      Score !

    • christopher

      i was going to say Staples

  • alex huang


  • nn

    The purpose of design is useing the fastest and cheapest way to build this.The statue on the top is from “Sanxingtui Culture” in china, not from india.

  • archit student

    how i admire them having the courage to show us this!

  • Canadian

    I find most peoples remarkes absouletly negative towards China and the Expo. Being from a country that has had 2 world expo’s in modern times, I can tell you waste is inevitable. Of course the certain pieces will continue on, most notably the construction works we take for granted at these events, transit and services. These two aspects live on for decades after such events. But these events are NOT about architecture, yes its become an integral piece to show off ones country, but its National pride and new innovations that are at the core of these Expo’s. We, (particularly us architects) have focused on architecture being the core of these events as its typical the element of most interest to us, but that is NOT the point of the event.

    • JK

      agreed. but then whats the point of showing this in here?

  • 不曰儿童


  • Sam Feighan

    Fantastic idea.