Bruggen de President / Drost + van Veen architecten


Architects: Drost + van Veen architecten
Location: Haarlemmermeer,
Project Architects: Evelien van Veen, Simone Drost
Client: Gemeente Haarlemmermeer
Structural Engineer: ABT Delft
Project year: 2006
Photographs: Jeroen Musch

107-001-Bruggen 1206-002-Bruggen 1206-004-Bruggen afb. 17 graffiti staal

Accents in a new rustic business park

The business park ‘ De president’ is located in the municipality Haarlemmermeer.
As an underlay for the terrain we used the polder-outline of plots and waterway.
Situated in the middle of the business park is a collective park area situated: ‘The Presidentshof’.

This park breaks through the rigid polder-outline and forms a contrast with it’s organic design.

general plan
general plan

In the businesspark ‘ De President’, designed twelve bridges: Nine slow traffic bridges ad three car bridges.

All of the bridges are designed as one family of images, relating in shape and materialization.

The four bridges across the neighbouring main canal are designed as slow traffic bridges. These bridges are the informal entrance of the area with a willful but soberview.


Directly through the park area ‘De Presidentshof’ is a promenade for walking and cycling along the water. The eight bridges along this park route are like links of a chain.

They connect to the atmosphere of the park and become one part with ‘De Presidentshof” by the use of natural elements and construction details.

section diagrams
section diagrams

The foundation, support and railing are made as one continuous element.
This strong line has been the design concept for all of the bridges.
These clear forms give the bridges its rough looks which is related to the rough polder landscape. This is a contrast with the rest of the materialization of the bridges.
The used tree-trunks are related with the surrounding park.

Cite: "Bruggen de President / Drost + van Veen architecten" 13 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • Frank

    Beautiful photos! I love those Dutch skies.

    Although I like the form and construction, maybe the bridge would have fitted better in an urban environment instead of nature.

    And I wonder why they had graffiti carved out of the steel.

  • Andrew Geber

    hmm, i dont understand what the timber does there

    • nam

      At first glance those wooden parts looked like a rotating vertical kebab! Mmm….

  • ooooo

    Using timber showing how good its projext is, and how stupi d Andrew Geber is…

    • jiri

      Are you crazy?

    • claus

      ‘projexts’? what’s that?

  • Yorik

    It seems that only in the Netherlands architects do cool bridges… Too bad!

  • Pipol

    One word – TOO MUCH

  • asdf

    Nice colored sketches.
    Are those watercolor or markers?

  • John Savage

    Clever technical sollution, maybe a bit overkill, but the design does not really speak to the site from what I can see…

    Still, very original, and thats always good…