Israel Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo 2010

IsraelThe pavilion consists of three areas — Whispering Garden, Hall of Light and Hall of Innovations. The Whispering Garden is a green orchard that greets visitors as they enter the building. Some facilities will be installed to make the trees begin to “whisper” in both English and Chinese when visitors walk close to them, Haim Z. Dotan, chief designer of the pavilion, told Shanghai Daily.

The hall of Light includes a 15-meter high screen. It will display films highlighting the country’s innovations and technological achievements.

The Hall of Innovation is the centerpiece of the Pavilion. A special audio-visual show will allow visitors to talk with Israeli children, scientists, doctors and inventors via hundreds of screens. These Israelis will introduce themselves and share their hopes for a better future. allocated about US$6 million for its participation at Expo 2010, which includes the cost of its pavilion and other activities. It is the first time has committed to building a national pavilion at a World Expo. Images and video after the break.

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Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Israel Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo 2010" 07 Oct 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 23 May 2015. <>
  • Clement

    Where is the war, destruction and wall building hall?

    • Benito

      They are awaiting delivery from Germany.

      • Tom W

        Can we get some moderation please? Geez.

  • GHB

    like a giant glass snail trying to lick its back?

    • armeyn


  • Stephen

    The second image looks like Tilt-Shift photoshop/photography.

  • Dustin

    This is probably one of the best pavilions in my opinion.

  • bs

    @ Dustin.
    How can you tell that from three renderings / modelphotos?
    I need plans, sections etc. to tell how the spatial experince are.

    • fl!p

      @ bs
      How can you tell that from plans, sections, etc.?
      I need the real thing to tell how the spatial experience are.

      • bs

        Sure thing. But having plans and sections are very helpfull in terms of understanding a building AND the spatial experience.

      • fl!p

        if we talk about experience.. we should be dealing with the real thing.. but plans and sections would help us understand the building, not the experience..

  • Goldschmidt R

    It looks like a snail, I don’t like it

  • housu

    I can’t even concentrate on the thing, having all the horrible memories of previous Expo pavilions by other countries.

  • oscar falcón lara

    It’s interesting sure, better than many other pavilions but good.

  • Juni

    Boring Pavillions…

  • Nappy

    Looks like two slugs humping.

  • Happy_Robot

    It’s good. Y’all just too afraid to admit it. (:
    Go Israeli!

    • archtist

      well said “happy robot” i think that your hidden racist thought just rose up to the surface here.. im not an israeli and still i think its a beautiful piece of work.
      GO ISRAEL well done

      • Vera

        Hell im an arab and i liked it! i hate it when ppl relate art to nationality / religion! me liky :D it looks a little like the pavilion project i had 2 present last week

    • Shadi

      would u tell me what is good of it !!

  • joninberlin

    My collegue says it looks like a jackfruit!

  • Steffen

    the best pavillion of expo 2010.
    you can watch them all on youtube

  • Yorik

    I find it quite good compared to the other pavillions…

  • Marcionn

    Honestly, it looks cool as an object. However, does it drop white phosphorus shells on innocent visitors? If not, then it does not represent the country’s true identity!

    • archtist

      dont think it drops white phosphorus on visitors but maybe it fires thousends of rockets on innocent people

    • ori

      do all of us a favor and let the politics do politic and the architect to do architecture…or else these website would be called the daily politic opinion.

  • gerson

    The combination and contraversy between stone(onyx? transparent stone?) and glass is unique.
    Very good Haim. (better than the yellow flower in the desert and yet need an use of alternative sources of energy and working building.
    A very good building

  • als

    how about we focus of the achievements and advances that the country has made, as represented inside the pavilion, rather than turn this into a stage for poor politic comments?

  • eb

    Awesome! Looks quite interesting and the experience seems like its going to be quite positive.

  • Tema

    Plans please!!! :)

  • Samuel Ludwig

    This is essentially Coop Himmelblau’s UFA Cinema. But instead of looking like deconstructed crystals, it’s two intersecting baskets. Albeit one glass and one, who knows what…

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  • thebeautyandthebeast

    From my personnal point of view, when it comes to design a country’s pavillon it’s mostly about an architectural representation of that country cultural/social/historical and political values.
    I don’t really see what represents israel here, it could be felt as an optimistic/idealistic concept of reconciliation between two people in the same land!!! The reality is different!!
    For a first pavillon in a Expo,it had to be better than this.
    I am sure that a Ron Arad (for exemple) touch in such a project would be more interesting to see and to feel.

  • william

    yes! It likes a snail licking its back~

  • Shadi

    they should make it destructive , it’s look so peaceful for such a country !!

    • arch

      and what do u know about the country u donk
      ever been there or all u know is cnn?

      • shadi osyli

        yes I’ve been there , Israel without a doubt is a great country i admit it , but what they do to Palestinian is 100% unacceptable .

        & there is nothing POLITICAL of what i said am talking as a human living on earth !!!! in time most of humans turned into ANIMALS & BEASTS with no honor or mercy !!

        back to architecture :P , this pavilion is good just because most of the other other pavilions look like a first year student work !

      • alon

        and what about the one controling the palestenians that shoot rockets into populated area in intenstion of killing inocent civilians. where is your good heart for them

      • me

        I think israel’s history and its wars are quite soft compared to…hmm…every other countries in the world since…hmm…ever ! Nevertheless, I’m not waiting that every other country to show their own mea-culpa there.

      • shadi osyli
  • shadi osyli

    alon .. i don’t wanna make it about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict her .. just OPEN YOURE MIND , & shut the crab .

  • Daniel Rey
  • WSBY

    kosmo kakashka

  • Mau Main

    Reading: "Israel Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo 2010 | ArchDaily"( )

  • Jako

    … it’s good … look good but i don’t think the inside space is well made … but i like it … anotherone from a few of them :P …

  • Sergey

    Compare with Morphosis:
    Jewish pavilion looks like a cheap “Disney” copy of Thom Mayne.