Villa Nord / Salto AB


Architects: Salto AB
Location: Aseri,
Project team: Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, Ralf Lõoke
Client: Private
Project area: 300 sqm
Project year: 2006

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Villa forms an harmonious whole together with the flowing surrounding landscape and takes into consideration the location, dimensions and proportions of the existent edifices.

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section 01


The house is designed to be as transparent and airy as possible, allowing views to the surrounding nature from all around the house, but also through the house, transforming the villa into part of the natural environment. Villa Nord is situated under the limestone cliff and in order not to make the roof dominant in the surroundings, it is designed as a carefree green roof.

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  • Eloisa Manenti

    RT @archdaily Villa Nord / Salto AB

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  • theChavacano

    I wasn´t quite sure about this house till I saw the plan, I like it very much

  • leporello

    "Villa Nord / Salto AB | ArchDaily" (

  • Jaron Mc

    I'll have this house (but does it come in any other colours?)

  • thomas foral

    Villa Nord / Salto AB | ArchDaily –

  • Bo

    i think its realy dangerous for psychological health of owner.

  • Andrew Geber

    very grandiose

  • Michael Nash

    “in order not to make the roof dominant in the surroundings, it is designed as a carefree green roof.”

    So, how ’bout those RED walls? Contradiction.

  • Jan

    I think the house has some interesting aspects, like the way it seems to grow from the path leading to it, how it deals with the topography and, to some extent, how the interior spaces and the openings redflect this. But then it seems to have some contradictions – does it want to blend with the surroundings like the roof suggests or does it want to contrast with it like it seems to? Also it seems to be a fashionable product, following ephemeral tendencies in terms of form and image. I suppose it will look awkward and dated in 10 years time…

  • d9me

    With that red alu cladding, It reminds me of B. Tschumi’s folies, and never ever would I make that choice in this setting. Otherwise its an interesting, and readable piece of architecture.

  • internautas

    Architexts just want to be famuos… Thats why it’s ref… and even with the “green roof”…

    • internautas

      not ref, but red…

  • DESIGN*aRt::archive

    architecture: Villa Nord, Estonia / Salto AB (20pics) (archdaily)

  • Florian

    I love it…

  • Goldschmidt R

    I realy love this house, and I don’t think that is dangerous for the owner. I Love to be my home :)

  • Maqbul

    Check out: "Villa Nord / Salto AB | ArchDaily #architecture" (

  • RJ

    looks like a car dealership….

  • rarar

    it’s red. that’s not okay.

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