Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games

just won the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. If we add this to fact that Brazil is hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, expect a major dose of architectural projects for these events. This will be another opportunity for the architectural brazilian scene to  show the world the high level of their works (see all the brazilian works in AD).

For this games, Rio will use a total of 33 venues, from which 8 correspond to facilities already built for the Pan-American games that will be renovated, such as the National Shooting Center by BCMF. There will be 11 new buildings (judo, wrestling, fencing, basketball, taekwondo, tennis, handball, modern pentathlon, swimming and synchronized swimming, canoe and kayak slaloms, and BMX cycling) and 11 temporal structures. A good opportunity for the local (or international?) architects.

The masterplan shown on the video shows that 4 clusters will concentrate this venues inside the city, connected by new transport systems.

Another aspect that is relevant for architecture, is that the city needs to build accommodations for 25,000 beds for the event. The government said that they can offer 8,500 beds in cruise ships.

The new facilities being built for London 2012 and the projects we saw in Beijing 2008 are good examples of architecture for this events.

As for the FIFA World Cup, I think that more then new stadiums we will see improvements on existant ones (such as the Maracana)… but maybe I´m wrong.

After the jump, the videos with the installations proposed in the Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo bids.


YouTube Preview Image


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YouTube Preview Image
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    Looks excellent. Great place for the Olympic games. I’m wondering, are the venues as spread out as they seem?

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      Yes, they are spread out.
      But the city is so plenty of beautiful sights that makes it worthy.

      I hope Brazilian Government can handle the budget and the constructions with transparency and correction, though. For the Soccer World Cup there are a lot of corruption cases coming to surface already. That’s so shameful and so unfair with the people.

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    Congratulations to Brazil… I’ve never been to Rio, although been considering it for some time… with this news somehow my consideration got a new fresh impulse when foreseeing a blend of Mass Events with people full of color and energy, Architecture which is the main scenario and Tropical City Landscape & Ambience, this mixtures is what the Olympics is all about, and then of course who got first.

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    Here in Rio, that question really is whether the games will benefit a population, because the legacy of the games
    Pan American is pitiful. If you remember correctly, there was no permanent change and urban buildings, including the
    Pan American village, are in state of disrepair and unused. The village that had sold their apartments, it has not been completely occupied by problems of infrastructure. Among finance, disparate amounts were spent without explanations and findings of such spending seems to have been drowned out by the Rio bid for the Olympics.
    In Cariocas really hope these games do not repeat the Pan American shame that apparently can hide from the rest of the world.

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    Congratulations to Rio… deffinately the winner. All the projects should be an example of sustainable/cheap/nice architecture. We will have to wait few years to see this but i trust in the brasilian talent.

    Y que bien por SURAMERICA!!

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    Congratulations Rio! :)
    i`m brazilian too, we are very proud!
    but every that Rodrigo says is true.

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    That mundial party has two directions. One the games, another the development of the city.Rio could be “the barcelona” of the South America. The governement should make Rio the best city of the continent.

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    One of Rio’s video director is Fernando Meirelles (City of God – the constant gardener – Blindness) so.. that’s why the video is so well done.

    congrats Rio! we expect a new Barcelona Masterplan =P

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    The video made by Fernando Meirelles shows only what concerns the organization of olympiads in Rio, pure aesthetics and no plans to shift the urban structures and social equilibrium. That’s why you don’t see any favela, besides the fact that it is in every corner of the city. Unfortunately, we aren’t Spain, and won’t do any structural transformation, maybe only in the pockets of constructors.

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    well, as most of the brazilians who posted some information here, i’m also worried about the destination of the money and if the infrastructure will benefit the population… isn’t there any international organization that could control these things???? here in Brazil, unfortunatelym we don’t have anyone we could trust… brazilian politicians and the biggest contractors do whatever they want with public money…

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    João, as there was no corruption in any part of the world. Controlled by some international organization? Come on…

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    Jeison, i have to agree with you, but if we let only our government handle this, we know what will happen… we already had the experience on the Pan American games… so what should we do??? let’s put everything on the Cristo Redentor’s hands… by the way, the video is really nice!!!

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    My partner and I from our Architectural firm in South Africa will be visiting Rio for approx 7 days, from the 18th August 2013. We would love to be shown around the various architectural projects in Rio for the Soccer World cup and perhaps on some of the projects for the Olympics. Is there any one that can perhaps show us around? Please email me with any information. Thank you. Mariette

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