House in Villena / Moho Architects


Architects: Moho Arquitectos
Location: Villena, Alicante,
Construction: Grupo Integral Constructivo S.L
Budget: $240,000 €
Project year: 2005-2007
Project Area: 283 sqm
Photography: David Frutos

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The house scheme, designed for a just married couple, protect the living spaces from a low visual interest street at the front façade and dispose its night and day rooms facing a big courtyard. This courtyard separates the house 3.5 m from the plot dividing wall, all along its east orientation. This movement allows the existence of a small back garden in the ground floor and a long private terrace on the first floor.


The parallel configuration of the entrance from the street level introduces a different value on this type of houses, making it unique and special from the rest.

The hall, a semi-outside gardened courtyard with a stairs, drives to the terrace on the first floor. The landlords gain access to a dark wood decked floor that works as a “summer living room” and an extension of the first floor, where the living and dining room, the kitchen and a toilet are clearly set.



The second floor, or “night floor” contains two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a sloping ceiling study-bedroom. On the ground floor is located the garage and a multi functional living room both spaces divided by a big wood sliding door. A sort of storage and auxiliary rooms of the house complete the program on the ground floor.

The different floors are connected by a stair which is crowned with a vertical and well–faced fanlight that fills with light the spaces placed away to the courtyard.

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    I like this house a lot in plan as well as in section. The entrance at the streetlevel is very clever and it makes a great composition!

    The groundfloor can optionally be used as an extra apartment.

    If the buildingcost was actually 240.000… well done…

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    wow, real beauty

    seeing that there is no front or back yard they really had to be creative, and they pulled it off

    being a petrolhead i especially like that they didn’t hide the cars and you can have a clear view of them from the playroom


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    nice house. This house is:
    - 70% – XX 70-80 postmodernizm;
    - 30% – these days architectural solutions.

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    Awesome what you can do with a lot of creativity, a small lot and a limited budget. Love this design, amazingly well executed and quite straightforward in approach. I agree with João, it’s a dream house.

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    As everybody has pointed, excellent project.

    I would say though, that you can easily fit a service bedroom, a full bathroom plus the laundry room, in the current laundry/half bath area.

    COngrats to the architects.

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    Very nice project!

    Does somebody know the e-mailaddress of these architects?
    I don’t find it on their website.

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