House in Ornontowice / medusagroup


Architects: medusagroup
Location: Ornontowice,
Architects in Charge: Przemo łukasik, Lukasz zagała
Associate Architect: Jakub Magon
Project area: 300 sqm
Design year: 2007
Construction year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Milosz Jaksik

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The main entrance, garage, toilet for guests and a corridor are located to the north whereas bedroom, children room, living, dining and kitchen are to the south. Because of that all rooms enjoy a direct connection with the terrain separated by covered terrace.


The latter could be closed-in partially or entirely by a series of sliding or folding panels made of metal and wooden frames. As to this dialectics underlying the relationships “front – back”, “closed – open house”, the terrace could change almost instantly into an open gallery, a private, permeable space corresponding to the closed gallery on the North side.

Due to the entire glazing of rooms and large doors, the interior space could be seen as either a series of layers – the circulation layer on the North, the living layer, the terrace – or a unique space with minimal partitioning. Additionally this space could work as a whole entirely covered in an opaque or semi-transparent skin, or, quite the contrary, as an extension of the courtyard.


Outside, the horizontal shutters from the south are echoed by the vertical rhythm of the wooden planks (Siberian larch). The plaster of the solid parts, the glazed areas and metal carpentry belong in the same range of colors.

The interior is tougher: exposed concrete floors and ceilings, partition walls made of light concrete blocks painted in white, polycarbonate doors for the built-in furniture. Air-conditioning and the trays for the electric installation are also visible. All this is softened by the generous openings with a view of the nearby forest.

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  • LV


  • richie

    like that.

  • Geruvah

    I love the layout, the exterior, practically everything except for what looks like the exposed blocks in the walls. The bathroom will have to grow on me, and for a house with an exterior like this, I wouldn’t want exposed ducts.

  • dias-kazan

    Все по европейски сдержано и выверенно, очень нравится!

  • andy

    nice piece, but stairs from garage?

  • jakob

    Very clean, eye-candy for architects. Nothing new. Boring!

  • claudem

    are you sure this is a house?

  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    Looks like they’ve finally repurposed those closed CIA black sites. Rendition-chic.

  • ivy

    it’s clean“
    but i cant feel the homey environment“

  • john avlakiotis

    Very good work!!!

    BIG shame it is impossible to read any of the drawings properly…

  • Magda

    Sorry, but I can’t imagine children living in such enviroment – I could, of course, quite like it but I wonder do they like it as well. It’s not causy at all, doesn’t give the feeling of safety either – home should.

  • anavic

    is it necessary to put all the mesures? It’s really difficult to read the plans with this poor colour, but numbers are really intense compared with everything else. Is that logical? It makes it even more difficult to read. The plans are like contaminated.

    Anyway, good project if we look at the plans, but when we look at the pictures, it seems more like a factory. Too cold and dark inside.

  • C.P.T.L.

    That’s a cold, stark and sterile anti-home interior. The openings don’t “soften” the interior, they have insured nothing can “soften” it by employing every element of a primitive facility.

    The bathroom is prison-like, the hallway office-like; and not a nice prison or office at that.

    No, they’ve saved money at every turn and attempted dress it and describe it away as ‘mod.’

    There’s nothing to absorb sound, an awful sound scape.

    Concrete is hard on the feet, and cold; are we to suppose that the ducts mean no in-floor heating? I find it hard to believe, especially in Poland. But either way, no fun walking around in socks there.

    As for the cinder blocks, there so many widely available faux stone treatments not at all prohibitively expensive. Granite, or what is apparently granite would bespeak a permanence opposite of the blocks, and would be ‘earthy,’ warm, soothing to the senses.

    The scheme is fine; continue the wood from the exterior indoors as flooring, create what appears to be true stone walls, a warmer tone for the tiles and it would be quite nice.

  • Andrew Geber

    not the most energy-efficient design i would imagine…
    also, 6 ppl but only 2 cars..

  • kzabiello

    it’s a bit too long. inside it looks like secret corridor in pentagon

  • Wargo

    House or warehouse, that is the question.

  • Ellen

    I think all the critiques and comments preceding mine are all valid. With 4+1 bedrooms, I hardly think the living areas is conducive to promoting familial interactions. If I may say, it looks like the reception area of some corporate office downtown – not a space to linger and be comfortable. Beautiful polished concrete floors, but isn’t this in Poland? I shudder to think what it’s going to be like during winter.

    I understand some architects’ and designers’ (myself included, admittedly) desire to preserve linear purity and rhythm but I sometimes also wonder if we are just obsessed with creating some kind of peversly perfect, untainted images of life and living.

  • orenin

    very nice and clean exterior however, i find the interior to suite a small office much more than a house. for a building that has most of its facade as one giant louvered window, i find the interior surprisingly dark and warehouse like.

  • Mictor

    one toilet per four bedrooms,
    and staircase to roof terrace in garage
    probably not best decisions

    • Gorgos

      I count 1 master bathroom, 1 extra bathroom, and 1 toilet in a hallway next to the livingroom. I think thats ok.

      By placing the staircase in the garage, it is outside and doesnt need a roof for itself. Therefor the house seen from the outside remains a 1 level house, without a funny box on top for the rain, or a staircase on the outside, ruining the minimal facade.

      I agree with most that this house is to0 corridor-like, while the livingroom has the feel of a reception of a flashy company.

      Check their website though, they have some great projects.

      • Mictor

        1 master bathroom its only for master bedroom, and rest three bedrooms + studio steel has one bathroom. (Toilet in hallway, i im not count as weel,- you dont want to run in little hallway toilet when you just wake up at morning, because main bathroom occupied, dont you? :)))

        Staircase though can be place in beautiful external terrace.
        Hidden stair its nice, but in functional light, way
        across garage – strange.

        But agree with you, that medusagroup is remarkable bureau,
        especially for Poland.

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  • harry

    simple but well considered, very nice design a house for the easy living

  • oscar falcón lara

    Very interesting weekend house, I like the idea of the elongated floor plan.

  • sullka

    Nice office building.

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  • Mr P

    Nice corporate building.