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  • 30 Apr 2013
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ArchDaily’s Architecture App Guide will introduce you to web and mobile apps that can help you as an architect: productivity, inspiration, drafting, and more. 

A year ago we introduced you  to The Morpholio Project   a web and mobile app based portfolio, created by architects, for the entire creative industry. A few months later they released iPad App: Morpholio Trace, a layered drafting tool that gained traction among architects and designers. This feature was just the beginning of what evolved into Morpholio 2.0 (free download from the App Store ) part of a series of new tools that turn the portfolio app into a flexible workspace where designers, architects, fashion designers, 3D artists, photographers, automotive designers, and everyone in the creative industry can interact and evolve ideas through feedback.

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It builds on research into human-computer-interaction to deliver innovations like a tool for image analytics called “EyeTime” and virtual “Crits” where collaborators can share images, and comment on each other’s work via notes or sketches. Human behavior data-mining is essential to offering these forms of powerful feedback, letting you know how your followers are interacting with your work.

Learn more about the 7 new tools Morpholio 2.0 offers to the creative world:

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Portfolio Futures: Your Morpholio – The software begins by transforming the user’s portfolio into a constantly versioning and customizable book of images.  Capable of communicating with multiple devices, it organizes image collections in a comprehensible and accessible format that makes sharing and presenting work seamless and infinitely flexible.

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EyeTime – EyeTime analyzes every image you put in Morpholio from the moment you begin.  It captures and records the amount and type of viewing time an image receives.  Our eyes don’t simply gather data, but react and are provoked by what they see.  Human Behavior Mapping captures that feedback to let you know not just how many hits an image is getting, but how your followers are interacting with your work.

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Crit – Morpholio “Crit” is a virtual space that allows you and as many colleagues as you want to gather around images and give various forms of feedback including comments and sketches.  Set up a critique for your studio, consultants, office, friends or project team.

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Trace – Trace, a digital version of tracing paper, allows users to instantly draw on top of imported images, layering comments or ideas to generate immediate, intelligent sketches that are shared as a conversation.

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Palettes – Morpholio has collaborated with world-renowned graphic designers and representatives from several industries to create beautiful and highly intelligent color palettes for sketching in the Trace feature.   Seventeen palettes including categories such as interior design, automotive design, fashion, architecture, and body art bring range, depth and intelligence to sketches, diagrams, and mark-ups.

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Pinup – Pinup is a virtual gallery, curated by both the public and our curatorial team.  Pinup your work for feedback and allow others to follow you.

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Printables – Printables elevates the Morpholio platform by offering the opportunity to export print ready files.  A variety of layout and formatting options allow you to drive the design or receive direction that is based on the feedback your work is getting.   Create a project portfolio, notebook, lookbook, album, or any layout in seconds.

Morpholio believes that design tools should dis-inhibit through freedom and flexibility and that smart software should be accessible to everyone.

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    “Morpholio believes that design tools should dis-inhibit through freedom and flexibility and that smart software should be accessible to everyone” who can pay for apple gadets

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    Love the first version and the new upgrade looks like a major step forward. Can’t wait to use it!

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    downloaded it, tried to use it.. still have absolutely no idea what it is

    it is as far from intuitive as you could imagine…

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    A design sharing discussion app that is closed to those without an apple device… Sounds interesting but more than likely something that is designed by hipsters for hipsters. If they were serous about connectivity given the versions they have gone thru you’d think they would have spent some time designing an app for android/Microsoft environments.

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